How to Check NYSC Relocation Status: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Check NYSC Relocation Status: A Comprehensive Guide – Are you eagerly waiting to find out your National Youth Service Corps relocation status? This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of checking your NYSC relocation status. Whether you’re a prospective corps member or a current participant in the NYSC program, understanding how to check your relocation status is crucial. Let’s walk you through the details and ensure you’re well informed.

NYSC relocation, also known as redeployment, is the act of transferring Corps members from their initial state of deployment to a different state based on marital, security, and health reasons. After applying for NYSC relocation, next is to check your application status, which is the reason this article was written: to show you how to check your NYSC relocation status and also how to print your relocation letter.

Illustration: If Joseph was posted to Sokoto but he doesn’t want to serve there, he can apply for relocation to officially ask NYSC to relocate him to another state that is more convenient for him.

How many times can NYSC relocate a Corps member

Relocation can be done as many times as possible; therefore, there is no specific number of times a Corps member can be relocated. NYSC can relocate a Corps member from Sokoto to Delta, from Delta to Anambra, and from Anambra to Lagos.

How to check NYSC relocation status

Corps members who applied for redeployment should follow the steps below to check their relocation status:

1. Visit the Official NYSC Portal

To begin the process, open your preferred web browser and visit the official NYSC portal. The website’s URL is https://portal.nysc.org.ng/.

2. Login to your dashboard

You need to login to your dashboard on the NYSC portal with your email address and Password as used during online registration for NYSC.

3. Locate and Select the “Relocation” Tab

Once you have successfully logged in on the NYSC portal, navigate to the top menu and find the “Relocation” tab. Clicking on this tab will direct you to the NYSC relocation page.

4. Provide the Required Information

Once you’re on the NYSC relocation page, you’ll be prompted to enter your personal details. These details typically include your NYSC call-up number , surname, and date of birth. Make sure to double-check the accuracy of the information you provide.

5. Click on “Check Relocation Status”

After filling in the required fields, locate the “Check Relocation Status” button on the page. Clicking this button will initiate the system’s search for your relocation status.

6. Review your NYSC Relocation Status

The next page will display your NYSC relocation status, indicating whether you have been approved for relocation
or not. You would see something like “Pending…” if you have not been relocated. But if you have been relocated, you will see Congratulation!!! Your Application has been approved…

Now, the problem is, you cannot see the State where NYSC relocated you except you pay the sum of one thousand Naira N1,000 for Relocation Letter Printing.

How to print NYSC relocation letter

Upon confirming your relocation status, it is essential to print your relocation letter. The letter contains crucial information regarding your new deployment, including the state, orientation camp, and reporting date.

Print multiple copies of the letter for your records and future reference, to print your relocation/redeployment letter, continue from step 6 above;

7. Click on this link, “Click here to Pay and Print your Relocation Letter” on your dashboard.

8. Select payment option by clicking on the field. It will displays payment confirmation.

9. Under Remita Status, Click “Pay Now”.

10. Confirm your details.

11. Click “Proceed To Payment” button.

12. Enter your ATM card details.

13. Click ‘Pay N1,176‘ button.

Note: You would be charged N1000, plus N176 remita’s commission.

NYSC Relocation letter sample

Below is the sample of NYSC relocation letter;

Nysc relocation letter

Please, keep your printed payment slip safe. It would serve as evidence of payment in case matter arises. Also, make photocopies of the printed relocation letter for future reference.

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