Yung6ix Forced Me To Live An Expensive Lifestyle Till I Got Broke, Then He Abandoned Me” – Baddest DJ Timmy

Baddest DJ Timmy, who used to be Yung6ix’s official DJ, hypeman and close friend calls out Yung6ix on social media, accusing him of pressuring him to lead an expensive lifestyle if he desired to roll with him. Which pushed him to the point of going broke, depressed and suicidal attempts.

You don’t know what transpired between yung6ix and I and you have the guts to say “Na pride de do them” I fell into depression. Lost every thing I owned including My Benz, went back to level 0, bought sniper last year to end my life, wrote a suicide note, lost Relevance

I lost myself because I was hyping a Never do well. I left my family to support the bastard, spent all my savings on trying to live a stupid lifestyle and he NEVER HAD PLANS FOR ME. Do I release the 2 hour voice call he made to me where he accepted he LOOSE GUARDED ME?

He gave details on how he was persuaded by the self acclaimed, King Of The South to purchase a Benz — according to him he didn’t need. He got the automobile for
N11,000,000 out of N13,000,000 he had at the time. He also blamed Yung6ix for encouraging him to move into an apartment of N2,500,000 rent per annum in the high brow area of Chevron, Lekki Peninsula.

“Yung6ix forced me to buy an N11m Benz (which I obviously didn’t need) and told me I won’t be able to be walking with him if I didn’t get it. Out of N13m I had, I went to buy a hopeless Benz that didn’t last 6 months. He Encouraged me to stay in a N2.5m 3 bedroom flat in chevron”.

Timmy went on to accuse Yung6ix of not being supportive of his music as much as he promoted 6ix’s works on his social

“He emotionally blackmailed me & never encouraged me to save till I went FLAT BROKE & he left me wanting. Why did you
think I left him? He never supported my music or wanted to see me SHINE. Very selfish bastard”

At the end of the day I don’t blame him, I blame myself for LISTENING TO HIM because I had the chance to leave. He drops a song and I post it 50 times, I drop a mixtape and he post it on his Instagram Story wow You need me to say more? Talk about his debts?”

According to DJ Timmy he received peanuts from Yung6ix, combining roles as his manager, hypeman, and security from
the fees Yung6ix received from shows. Even calling him a tribalist, and his hate for folks of Yoruba descent.

“I follow 6ix to shows as his Hypeman and I double as Manager (carrying his bags) & Security. Was it not after i left him he was beaten like a thief at the Bar beach? Should we talk about how
he HATES YORUBA people and how he can’t stand them? Don’t get me started pls”
“Should I release a screenshot of all the money I have sent to his account as dashing money? They pay him 500k for a show and he will credit me 5k to “buy fuel” I never made money from being his DJ, I only enjoyed free flights & hotel paid for my show promoters.”

To wrap it up the disc jockey said he is fine and working to bounce back. He doesn’t blame Yung6ix for his ill fate, but grateful for the lessons learnt, and is thankful to his family whom stood by him.


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