Ubi Franklin, Rudeboy warn Nigerian comedians after Will Smith’s slap exibition

Ubi Franklin, Rudeboy warn Nigerian comedians after Will Smith’s slap exibition

Nigerian celebrities may have found an excuse to go physical on Nigerian comedians. Following the recent ‘Will Smith exibition’ at the Oscars, certain Nigerian celebrities have started warning comedians.

During the Oscars, Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife.

Reacting to the joke, Will Smith went on stage and dealt Chris Rock a nasty slap.

He then yelled at the comedian to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth. Although Will and Rock may have settled their differences, this topic will inger on for a while. On the other hand, Nigerian celebrities Ubi Franklin and Rudeboy, have started warning Nigerian comedians of what fate might befall them if they crack jokes about them.

“This is the way now, you yab me we get on it straight. Or you yab me and I yab you with receipts of the things the world don’t know right on my page here and we will go any where you want from there.

“Comedy should not be used as a decoy to disrespect people on National TV. BOVI, you did this at last year’s “Headies” and I sent your friends and close alleys to warn you, Do not try it again.

“I am struggling with stuff and trying to put myself together and you go on live TV to talk about my kids ? BOVI ? Until next time. Thank you,” Mr Franklin said to Bovi.

Mr Franklin went on to say he would not slap but must have his pound of flesh.

“I won’t slap, but I’ll get on my page and we will post you and all your past that we have on you and that’s non negotiable.”

Rudeboy also warned comedians, telling them not to be used; “Naija comedians go calm down a bit…. Will smith don open doors for some people. Pls do not allow yourself to be used as Naija version of the oscars.”


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