Troy Ave Reacts To Taxstone Verdict On “Dear Hater I Won”

Troy Ave Reacts To Taxstone Verdict On Dear Hater I WonTroy Ave’s celebrating the guilty verdict in Taxstone’s murder case with the release of a brand new diss track. After a jury found the hip-hop podcaster guilty, the New York rapper dropped off his new single, “Dear Hater I Won.” The rapper shared a new video, including the subtitle “Taxstone Found Guilty,” which shows him in front of the court, suited up, as he celebrates his apparent win against the podcaster after a bitter legal war.

The song opens up with clips of various media personalities discussing the case, and an apparent “letter,” in which Troy Ave says Taxstone sent a letter to the judge “snitching” on him. Evidently, Troy Ave feels vindicated by the results of the trial and he makes it known across the record. Tackling the ghastly production, Troy Ave comes through with a celebratory tone where he describes the shooting from his perspective and includes surveillance footage from Irving Plaza on the night of the shooting.

Troy Ave dropped the song hours after a jury handed in the verdict. Taxstone was found guilty of manslaughter in the first degree, two counts of assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree, second-degree criminal possession of a weapon with intent to unlawfully use against another person, and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. However, he was cleared of second-degree murder charges and second-degree attempted murder.

During the trial, Troy Ave wound up taking the stand against Taxstone and detailing the murder. The testimony reduced what would’ve been a 15-year sentence to one year. He told the court that he fought Taxstone for the gun before it hit him in the leg. “If it’s fight or flight I’m always going to fight because at that point you could die,” he said.

Check out his song above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.


Quotable Lyrics
Got attempted murder ’cause I took the gun from him and bust back
This ain’t no made up raps, I’m paraphrasing the facts
I’m the king of the underground, you just a underground rat
I rose up above the rodents, they tried to pull yo boy back


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