Travel To Canada From Nigeria And Pay Later (See The Process)

Travel To Canada From Nigeria And Pay Later See The Process – Why worry about the cost of traveling from Nigeria to Canada when you can get a visa to Canada and pay later? James’ motivation for traveling differs from Peter’s motivation. Every one travels for a variety of reasons, including schooling, vacation, visits, exclusive medical treatments, professional reasons, and so on.

Applying For Canada Visa In Nigeria

The following steps outline the application process:

  • Before you begin filling out your application form, please read the application guidance.
  • Make sure you are eligible. Your application will be rejected if you choose the incorrect visa category before applying for a temporary resident visa.
  • Fill out and submit your application form. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign the application.
  • You must pay your application fees. If you apply in person at a VAC, you must pay the VAC service costs. These charges are not included in your application fees.
  • Please submit your application. If you are applying as a family, you should send the application in a single package. If you use a paper application, you may be required to provide biometrics (fingerprints and a photograph); you should not mail your application but rather submit it in person. When you submit in person, the VAC personnel will review your completed application and confirm that you have paid the right costs before you provide your biometrics.
  • Before you apply, you should be aware of the various visa classifications. If you select the incorrect category, your application will be rejected, and your fee will be forfeited because it is non-refundable.

Visitor’s visa

The visitor’s visa, which includes a super visa, typically costs $100 $CAN per person. If you are traveling with a family, you must apply at the same time and location. A super visa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian residents to visit the country for longer lengths of time.

These travelers can stay in Canada for up to two years on their first visit and for six months on subsequent visits. If you intend to work during your visit, you must pay the work permit fees (including extensions). This charge is 155 $CAN.

Work visa

If you are looking for a visa to work
permanently, your visa application will be different from a visitor’s visa. This visa is divided into several types. These are some examples:

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The Federal Skilled Worker Visa belongs to the Federal Skilled Worker Category (FSWC). This form of application is for people who want to live in Canada permanently. Applicants are often evaluated based on a number of variables, including education, work
experience, and understanding of the French or English languages. The candidate can compute their total point out of a possible 100 available points based on these criteria, which are ranked on a point system.

In general, skilled workers must have a total of 67 points to qualify. In addition, skilled professionals must have at least one year of skilled work experience to be eligible. Before assessing your eligibility for this program, you can speak with an immigration specialist.

Work Permit

This is a sort of visa that allows people to work temporarily in Canada. You can only apply for this permit if you have an employment offer from a Canadian employer. The Government Human Resources authorities must have approved this offer via the Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA) process. Typically, in order to receive an LMIA, an employer must promote the job opening in Canada for a month to determine if any Canadian citizens or permanent residents are available and qualified for the post. If the company cannot find any Canadians to fill the post, they can apply to the human resources authorities for an LMIA, which allows them to engage a foreign worker. If this LMIA is accepted, the foreign worker who is offered the job may apply for a work permit based on it.

Canadian Experience Class Visa

If you already have a temporary work permit in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class. This visa was designed for persons with skilled job experience in Canada. The candidate must have worked in Canada for at least 12 months and meet the language criteria in either English or French.

Student Visa

This visa is part of Canada’s Student Visa Program. It is open to students from all around the world who desire to study at any of Canada’s colleges or institutions. As a prospective student, you should apply to the immigration authorities after receiving an admission letter from the Canadian institution where you wish to study. You will also need to show proof of your financial ability to fund your studies, which includes paying tuition and living expenses in Canada.

Other supporting documents, such as your passport and other personal information, are also required. If you successfully complete the application process, the VAC will grant you a study visa to finish a school program in Canada.

Canada Visa Categories And Cost In Nigeria


Work permit

Work permissions (including extensions) for a touring party of three or more people: 465 $CAN

For those with a non-job-specific open work permit: 100 $CAN.

Regaining your working status: 355 $CAN, which includes the charge for reinstating your status (200 $CAN) and a new work permit (155 $CAN).

Student visa

Permission to study (including extensions) for one person: 150 $CAN.

Restoring student status costs 350 $CAN, which includes the charge for restoring your status (200 $CAN) and a new work permit (150 $CAN).

Visitor visa

  • For one person: 85 $CAN
  • For a family: 170 $CAN
  • For a group (three or more members): 255 $CAN

Self-Employed People

  • Entrepreneur visa Fees: 1540 $CAN, which includes a processing charge of $1050 $CAN and a fee for permanent residence (490 $CAN).
  • Including spouse or partner: 1040 $CAN, which includes a processing charge of 550 $CAN and a fee for permanent residence (490 $CAN).
  • 550 $CAN including your spouse or partner (no price for permanent residence privilege).
  • 150 $CAN for one child, including a dependant child.

Federal Skilled Workers

  • The application fee is 1040 $CAN. It comprises processing expenses (550 $CAN) and a charge for permanent residence (490 $CAN).
  • 1040 $CAN (including your spouse or partner) The processing price is 550 $CAN, while the charge for permanent residence is 490 $CAN.
  • 550 $CAN including your spouse or partner (no price for permanent residence privilege).
  • 150 $CAN for one child, including a dependant child.

Traveling to Canada and Paying Later

They are travel agencies that have enabled people to travel to Canada and pay later. In a nutshell, they allow you to pay for plane tickets, visas, and other items in installments. The following firms allow you to travel to Canada and pay later:

Airfordable allows consumers to pay for
airplane tickets in installments by charging a 10-20% interest cost based on the ticket price, and then they put up a payback schedule. Affordable works directly with the airline to ensure that the customer’s flight is successful and that the e-ticket is secure.

  • Flymble
  • STA Travel
  • Affirm

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