Top Best Private University to Study Pharmacy in Nigeria

When it comes to pursuing a career in pharmacy, choosing the right university is a crucial decision. In Nigeria, several esteemed private institutions offer accredited Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) programs. In this blog post, we will explore five top private universities known for their commitment to academic excellence and innovation in pharmaceutical education.

Covenant University:

Established in 2002, Covenant University, located in Ota, Ogun State, is renowned for its dedication to academic excellence and innovation. The university offers an accredited B.Pharm program, providing students with a robust foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy practice. With state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced faculty members, Covenant University prepares students for successful careers in pharmacy.

Babcock University:

Situated in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Babcock University is a distinguished Christian institution established in 1959. The university is committed to providing quality education and character development. Babcock University’s accredited B.Pharm program emphasizes ethics and professionalism, shaping students into responsible and compassionate pharmacists. The university boasts well-equipped laboratories and experienced faculty members.

Madonna University:

Founded in 1999, Madonna University, located in Elele, Rivers State, is a privately owned Catholic institution known for its holistic approach to education. The university offers an accredited B.Pharm program that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation, aligning students with the dynamic pharmaceutical industry. With modern laboratories and experienced faculty members, Madonna University equips students with skills vital for success in the field.

Igbinedion University:

Established in 1999, Igbinedion University in Okada, Edo State, is committed to academic excellence and innovation. The university offers an accredited B.Pharm program that emphasizes leadership and community service, empowering students to be agents of positive change. With modern laboratories and a well-equipped pharmacy practice center, Igbinedion University prepares students for impactful careers in pharmacy.

Bowen University:

Founded in 2001, Bowen University, located in Iwo, Osun State, is an esteemed Christian institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and character development. The university’s accredited B.Pharm program offers a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy practice. With well-equipped laboratories and dedicated faculty members, Bowen University prepares students for ethical and research-driven careers in pharmacy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private University for Pharmacy:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure the pharmacy program is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) to meet industry standards.
  2. Curriculum: Seek a comprehensive curriculum covering theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
  3. Facilities and Resources: Evaluate state-of-the-art laboratories, well-equipped practice centers, and access to reference materials.
  4. Faculty Expertise: Look for experienced professors engaged in research and professional practice.
  5. Student Support Services: Consider available support services like academic advising and career counseling.
  6. Internship and Job Placement Opportunities: Investigate the university’s track record in securing practical experience and job placements.
  7. Reputation and Alumni Network: Explore the university’s reputation and the success of its pharmacy graduates.


Nigeria offers a range of excellent private universities for aspiring pharmacists. Each institution has its unique strengths, so carefully evaluating factors like accreditation, curriculum, facilities, faculty expertise, and student support services is crucial. By making an informed decision, you can choose the best private university to embark on your journey towards a successful pharmacy career in Nigeria.

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