Top 5 Best Courses to Study in Nigerian University

Top 5 Best Courses to Study in Nigerian University – In Nigeria, some courses or university programmes are more relevant than others because of the state of the country. With the current situation of Nigeria, it is very hard to get a well-paid after schooling. Here we shall look at the best courses to study in Nigeria. Among various courses studied in the Nigerian universities, some tend to favour those who studied them while the rest is like waste of years and resources.

This has become a challenge, as parents and university aspirants seek advise on the best courses to study in our tertiary institutions. No course is actually a waste of time though, except for the actual fact that our system doesn’t create room for such career to excel, it becomes a decline to all parties including the world at large. Deviating a little, it is expected that from secondary level, a student should have selected his/her preferred area of discipline.

At this stage the classes are grouped into three (3) which are; Science, Social Science, and Art class. The basics of what they will offer in Jamb UTME, and in the University will be their focus in these varied categories. You may also check out top 10 best engineering courses to study in Nigeria.

At this point, we’ll be disclosing the top five courses that have higher opportunity in the Nigeria system, base on how easily they are employed or valued by the economy.

5 Best courses to study in Nigeria university

Below are the five top courses to study in the university;

1. Medicine and Surgery

It is the dream of most science students to be a medical doctor, as this course remain number one in the field of science. Hard work and dedication is of great importance, for one to successful come out as a medical practitioner. This is a course that takes 5 – 6 years to be
completed, and even more in Nigeria because of factors like strikes, and the rest. But coming to its benefit, anyone who successfully comes out as a medical practitioner won’t in any way roam about searching for jobs, as there are vacancies awaiting them even outside the health sector.

This is a course that is highly revered in both developed and developing countries, and can take you outside your country undermining your area of specialization. For the fact that it’s a lucrative profession, there shouldn’t be any reason not to consider studying it in a Nigerian University.

2. Law

Law is another smart course to study in
Nigeria. Luckily, most of the universities offers it, just like Medicine and surgery. It is a course that only Art students during secondary school are qualified to study, and also, one of the best courses under Art class.

There is no doubt that Lawyers gain respect from people around them due to the standard of their profession, how they posit even outside the tentacles of law, and their mode of dressing. In Nigeria, there are arising dispute on a daily basis, of which the last resort is the Court of law. At this point, the service of a lawyer is highly needed. Thus, Law is among the best Courses to study in Nigeria.

3. Engineering

An engineer is someone who studied
engineering. It is indeed a nice course to study in any Nigerian university because, engineers are highly needed in almost all firms, likewise our everyday life. There are other division in engineering which includes Electrical (Elect-Elect), Civil, Mechanical, Computer engineering, etc.

Whichever one you studied, there is great tendency that you will never regret studying it, as even oil companies are seeking for their services often. Also, setting up self investment in this field of study is quite easy. Those qualified to study engineering are science students.

4. Computer Science

The level of technology has greatly improved, making the course Computer Science a topnotch in the list of best courses offered in tertiary institutions today. There is no doubt that the entire world is currently seen as a global village, and this declaration is as a result of the innovations in Computer Science.

Almost everything is now computerized , making work more easier than man could have ever thought of been possible. This alone, has made the course so important, especially for the fact that computer literates are of high demands in almost all organizations. It is of great importance to have idea on computer, even if you didn’t study computer science in school. Hence, most private computer centres now offer short computer programs which runs from 3-6 months.

The course isn’t that easy to study as many thinks, especially when it comes to
programming like C++, Java, etc. but with seriously and dedication, one is expected to scale through and becomes a computer guru (professional).

5. Banking and Finance

This is another course that should be
considered, while making choice of what to study in any tertiary institution. In the banking sector, there are numerous staffs that studied a course different from this, and are found working there. But a graduate of Banking and Finance will always be considered due the fact
that, they are trained to be bankers. The banking industry is one that is booming with steady pace, and the service of qualified personnel are of high demand. This alone has placed a graduate of Banking and Finance in the forefront.

Note: The arrangement of the best courses isn’t in any order of hierarchy, but of personal choice. All courses are of great importance to the entire universe. They have their special purpose and uniqueness. Hence, the list is compiled based on Nigeria factor.

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