#Seyestolove: All you need to know about the N500 million wedding that shut down Lagos (videos & photos)

All you need to know about the N500 million wedding that shut down Lagos

All you need to know about the N500 million wedding that shut down Lagos – Over the weekend, Dr Oluwatoyin Olubukola Ramon and APC politician, HON Oluseye Olaniran Oladejo shut down Lagos and made many Nigerians on social media lose their sleep with their luxury wedding which gulped over N500 million. It was all Class, Luxury, Class again!!!! A celebration of love that showcases elegance and luxury.

The U.S based bride, Dr Oluwatoyin with the nickname Tee Glam flew over 300 American Doctors to Nigeria for the wedding and used the most expensive brands from Gucci to Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Amina Muaddi, Valdrin Sahit, and rocked over 20 luxury outfits including swiss premium million stoned lace and exclusive HOH AVant-garde feather fabrics.

The traditional and white marriage ceremonies occurred on Friday and Saturday, 9 and 10 June 2023, respectively. The wedding was filled with several highlights, including a N20m fairytale-themed cake and a box of dollars the groom gifted his bride.

This extravagant affair had Nigerians talking nonstop. It was spiced up with a music performance from popular music artist Naira Marley.

Their wedding rings cost over N15 million. and all the bridal accessories used by Dr. Tee cost over N10 million each. Infact, the number of diamond and gold jewellery the bride wore throughout the wedding screamed class and sophistication. She also wore an 18-karat gold encrusted with diamonds for one of her wedding dances.

The extravagant wedding, which many tagged as ‘the wedding of the year’, took place at the Marriott Hotel, GRA Ikeja, Lagos. It saw political figures, dignitaries, and celebrities troop in numbers to celebrate the latest couple.

Gushing about her luxury outfits, the bride said “Traveled far and wide to meet with fashion designers prior to wedding. I came to realize all I was searching for was at home- in Nigeria. We are a great country with talented and skilled people. We just need to push ourselves and break barriers.

@beccaneedlesnstitches a strong fashion designer was pushed and she delivered! Becca took it upon herself to style me, we worked on designs, and shared ideas, she was side by side with me to ensure i looked pretty and stress-free. Her team understood the assignment- thank you Michael and Deola.

In a video interview with Abiola Orisile Events and Parties, the groom described his bride as ‘the best thing that ever happened to him’ while expressing how he felt about his new wife and acknowledging her supportive and understanding nature. The 57-year-old politician, who joined politics at 19, said, “I feel great, as you can see. She’s the best thing that happened to me. I found my missing rib. She’s been everything since we met, and she’s been there. She’s a great soul.

“I wanted love, and I found a great heart. Since we met, suddenly, every thing has made sense to me. She’s always there for me, supportive and understanding. Any thing you can find in a woman; I found my destiny in Oluwatoyin Bukola Ramon.’

Thanks to @beccaneedlesnstitches and her team. The first dress in this video took over 2 weeks to bead with Crystals, pearls, and stones It’s my pre honeymoon dress and my favorite of them all. Also would like to thank @valdrinsahiti for making my wedding dress and @abbyz_stitches for designing and sewing all my native outfits including those in this video. You guys are the real MVPs.” And then interestingly, the couple decided to donate all money made from their wedding to charity.

According to Dr Toyin Oladejo , the money which runs into millions would be used to buy tables and chairs for all government schools in Lagos State “We thank everyone who supported us. We are truly blessed. There are others who need it more than we do.”


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