Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich may lose ownership of Chelsea

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich may lose ownership of Chelsea

Members of the British Parliament are considering a ban on Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. This ban would affect his ownership of English football club, Chelsea.

This is as a result of an exclusive story published by The Sun, a british newspaper. They uncovered that the
billionaire, withdrew his application for a UK Tier 1 investor visa in 2018 due to pressure in the wake of the nerve gas matrocity in Salisbury, Wilts. This has made Mr Abramovich a person of interest in their Home office.

“Following some of the reports in The Sun and other newspapers today, I’ve got hold of a leaked document from 2019 from the Home Office.

“Surely we should be looking at seizing some of his assets, including his 152 million pound home and making sure that
other people who’ve had tier one visas like this are not engaged in malign activity in the UK.

“That’s nearly three years ago, and yet remarkably little has been done in. relation. Surely Mr Abramovich should no
longer be able to own a football club in this country,” MrBryant said according to newspaper. The 2019 expose, placed the Chelsea owner on a blacklist.

“As part of HMGs Russia strategy, aimed at targeting illicit activity, Abramovich remains of interest to HMG due to his links to the Russian state and his public association with corrupt activity and practices.

“An example of this is Abramovich admitting in court proceedings that he paid for political influence.

“Therefore, HMG is focused on ensuring individuals linked to illicit finance and malign activity are unable to base
themselves in the UK and will relevant tools at its disposalincluding immigration powers – to prevent this,” the report read.


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