Rod Wave Flexes His Vocal Chops On “Fight The Feeling”

Rod Wave Flexes His Vocal Chops On Fight The FeelingRod Wave is an exceptionally talented artist who is extremely versatile when it comes to the music he makes. Overall, he has proven himself as someone who can rap. However, he has also showcased a whole lot of talent when it comes to singing. If you can sing and rap at a high level, you have a great chance of being successful. Rod Wave definitely knows the feeling as his talents have propelled him to a high level within the music game.

Although he may not be on the level of other hip-hop artists in terms of pop crossover, he has enjoyed quite a bit of streaming success. His albums always do well, and he has a dedicated fanbase that follows him wherever he goes. Consequently, his fans are always excited about new music. When he teases something new, you can be sure that the hype will be significant. On Friday, Rod Wave capitalized on that hype by dropping a new song called “Fight The Feeling.”

In the video for the track, which can be seen above, Rod Wave finds himself singing in some sort of night club that hosts live music. Throughout the track, the artist sings about the pain both men and women go through. Moreover, he speaks on how we try to mask that pain in order to showcase strength. It is a powerful message that finds itself being bolstered by the visuals. As for his singing, well, it is exactly what you would expect from Wave. He sounds fantastic all throughout the song, and there is no doubt he is an exceptional talent. Furthermore, with over 500K views on YouTube in 14 hours, it seems like Rod Wave is here to stay.

Hopefully, this new track is setting us up for a new album. Although Rod Wave has not formally announced anything, we are sure he is working on something great. Let us know what you think of the song, in the comments section. Additionally, stay tuned to NB for more news from the music world.


Quotable Lyrics:
Women, how’d you get so good at hiding your feelings? Pretending, pretending you’re fine when really you’re bending
You can’t keep patching up your pain taking shots at the bar Know exactly how you feel, I know what’s in your heart


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