Requirements To Study In Ghana For Nigerians

Requirements To Study In Ghana For Nigerians – Are you a Nigerian looking to study in an African country with a high-quality educational system that is free of strikes? Then Ghana is most likely your best bet. The Ghanaian educational system is internationally recognized, and there is no need to take pauses while studying due to ongoing strikes.

Ghana is also a lovely country with numerous locations to visit, and you will have an unforgettable student experience. There are numerous reasons why you should attend a Ghanaian institution rather than a Nigerian university. The following are some of the advantages of studying in Ghana:

1. There are no strikes.

Unlike in Nigeria, universities in Ghana rarely go on strike. Because, before things got out of hand, the university administration would have

found methods to resolve conflicts and make peace with the faculty. Nigerian students who choose to study in Ghana can be confident that the timetable for
completion of their program will be
maintained. So, no matter what, if you want to follow a four (4) year course in Ghana, it cannot be extended to five (5) years or more.

2. English is a general language

Ghana has various indigenous languages
spoken by its people, the most common of which being Akan. Despite being a bilingual country, English remains the official language. As a result, most courses are taught in English, and you may easily communicate with your professors and peers. Outside of the classroom, there is no language barrier because natives speak English and you
can comprehend what they say.

3. Simple Admissions Procedure

Before you may be admitted to any higher education institution in Nigeria, you must first pass the JAMB exam. However, many Nigerians have taken the exam numerous times with little success in getting into their intended university. If you want to study in Ghana, you should disregard all of your JAMB previous questions because they are irrelevant to Ghanaian education. The WASSCE result is the sole essential exam for your admission procedure. If you get good grades in your WAEC results, your admission will be successful.

4. Their Certificate is recognized Internationally

Ghanaian degrees are receiving worldwide recognition in a number of nations. It is because the Ghanaian government places a high priority on education and guarantees that universities provide quality education.
Most universities have a comfortable learning atmosphere and well-equipped faculties with advanced facilities. There are various authorized universities, so you can be confident that your degree will never be wasted.

5. Excellent Way of Life

Studying in Ghana would allow you to immerse yourself in the country’s diverse culture. You can sample traditional Ghanaian dishes such as Wanke, Banku, and jollof rice. There are also national parks, castles, beaches, crocodile ponds, and other wonderful locations to visit. The people there are very kind and enjoyable to be around, so you would
immediately fit in. If you had no social life in Nigeria, your social life in Ghana may quickly expand from 0 to 100!

Requirements for Nigerians To Study In Ghana

Nigerians can generally travel to Ghana without a visa for short-term stays due to Ghana’s visa-free policy for ECOWAS citizens. However, if you stay more than three (3) months, you must obtain a student visa. The following requirements must be met in order to receive a Ghanaian student visa:

  • International Passport
  • Passport Photographs
  • Ghanaian Visa Application Form
  • Visa Payment Receipt
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Card
  • Proof of Financial Ability
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Flight Itinerary

Ghana Admission Requirements for Nigerians

The following are the Ghana admission requirements for Nigerian students;

  • WAEC Result
  • Admission Form
  • Age Requirement
  • Cut-off Points

Final Thought

Nigerians looking to study abroad in a stable and developed African nation should choose Ghana. Ghana’s educational system is superior to Nigeria’s in a number of ways. There aren’t any strikes, for instance.

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