Ralo Enlists Jadakiss On “Street Honors”

Ralo Enlists Jadakiss On Street Honors – We’re still waiting for Ralo to come home. However, he isn’t leaving fans empty-handed these days. Since his incarceration in 2018, the rapper unloaded a handful of projects and just as many singles. He released Conspiracy months after he was locked up, followed by projects like Free Ralo and 2021’s Political Prisoner. The “Lil Cali & Pakistan” rapper kept enough music in the stash to spread over the course of five years.

As the rapper prepares to return home, he announced his new project, 97 Months. The project comes out on April 21st but over the weekend, he blessed fans with his new single, “Street Honors.” In the latest cut, Ralo reflects on staying solid throughout his incarceration and remaining a figure that street guys look up to. Jadakiss also enters Ralo’s realm and dishes out an excellent 16 that accompanies the guttural vibe of the record.

Shortly after releasing the single, Ralo took to Instagram where he revealed a photo of himself and his daughter, who he hasn’t seen in five years. He explained that he’s in the final year of his sentence and expressed gratitude for being able to have a career as a rapper waiting for him when he’s released. “I never called myself a rapper due to the lame shit that goes on in the industry, but I can now honesty say I’m thankful for the rap game, because it helped me take care of my daughter and more my entire bid. This my last year being in prison, so I’m asking for yawl to go get, support, post and download my last album I’m dropping from jail #97Months,” he wrote.

The rapper was sentenced to eight years in federal prison in his marijuana trafficking case. Despite his feelings toward the industry, he saw many of his peers in rap pull through for him. In his attempt to gain clemency, Drake, Meek Mill, and a number of other stars signed a petition asking President Joe Biden to grant Ralo’s release.

We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding Ralo’s case.


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