Post Malone Is Addicted To A Lover In “Chemical”: Listen

Post Malone Is Addicted To A Lover In “Chemical” ListenPost Malone is back with a new single, “Chemical.” It’s been less than a year since he released his fourth studio album, Twelve Carat Toothache. The album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It included lots of features from other big artists. Perhaps most notably, it featured The Weeknd on “One Right Now” and Doja Cat on “I Like You (A Happier Song)”. The songs peaked at number 6 and number 2, respectively. Earlier this week, Post announced that “Chemical” would be released this week.

Post has been the subject of a lot of controversies over the years, even being as unproblematic as he tends to be. He has very publicly struggled with substance abuse. He credited his fianceé as the person who “made him feel human again” in the midst of his alcoholism. It was apparently a very serious problem at the time. “It was to a really rough point,” he said. “I couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks.” Recently, things have been looking extremely positive for Post. He welcomed a daughter last year. He did scare fans recently, who seemed to think his performance style was indicative of drug use. His manager put those fears to rest, saying Post is the healthiest he’s been in years.

In the newly-dropped “Chemical,” Post talks about how he can’t leave a relationship even though he wants to. He speaks about the love as an addiction. “Oxytocin making it all okay / When I come back down it doesn’t feel the same,” he sings on the track. “Now I’m sitting around waiting for the world to end all day / Because I couldn’t leave you if I tried.”

The track itself is an upbeat but melancholy acoustic pop song. It sounds like the kind of song you’d blast late at night on the way home from a party. That said, it’s a perfect time to release the song. Summer is coming up, and this is definitely going to be one of the songs of the summer. It’s interesting to see how much Post has changed since Beerbongs & Bentleys, but it’s always great to watch an artist grow and expand.

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Quotable Lyrics:
Outside of the party, smokin’ in the car with you Seven Nation Army, fightin’ at the bar with you Tell you that I’m sorry, tell me what I gotta do ‘Cause I can’t let go, it’s chemical No, I can’t let go, it’s chemical


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