PHOTOS: Toyin Lawani & Segun Adebayo Are Celebrating Two Years of Love & Friendship

Toyin Lawani & Segun Adebayo Are Celebrating Two Years of Love & Friendship

Toyin Lawani & Segun Adebayo Are Celebrating Two Years of Love & Friendship – Nigerian celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani Adebayo and her husband, photographer, Segun Adebayo are celebrating two years of being married.
In a beautiful message she shared, Toyin detailed their beautiful journey to finding love, happiness, friendship and starting a family. She also talked about their commitment to asserting their combined dominance in the creative space.

The heartfelt message read, Toyin Lawani Adebayo and Segun Adebayo’s story is one filled with creativity and passion. Their shared love for art and design brought them together and eventually became their bond.

Toyin, a real master of her craft with a keen eye for details and flair for the extraordinary built built her empire through hard work & consistency over the years and always knew that it would take a king with the same amount of energy, drive, and genius to conquer her heart.

When they first met, it felt like a spark ignited between them. At first, they thought that the admiration was only work-related. They were initially drawn to each other’s work, creativity, and imagination that they each brought to the table.

Toyin and Segun started working together, their minds and skills combining to create truly mind-blowing works of art for their clients. They quickly learned to understand each other’s artistic vision and started working hand in hand to bring their client’s dreams to life with each one of them bringing their unique talents to the table. Together they were unstoppable.

As time passed, their love grew stronger, and they decided to start a family together. They raised their children with the same passion and creativity that they brought to their work, instilling in them a love for the arts and a drive to change the world with grace.

As they look back on their journey together, they can’t help but marvel at how far they have come. They have built a life and a legacy together. One filled with beauty, passion, and creativity. And through it all, their love had only grown stronger.

They’re changing the world with their
graceful talent.

We can say that the king of fashion: @tiannahsplacpire has found her match in the lens lord: @segunwealth Truly when you are a king woman, you are not complete until you find a man who understands your love for your craft, embraces it, and matches it instead of suppressing it.

Everyone is looking for someone perfect, but their imperfections are what made them perfect. I never knew I could find love again. Happy 2nd anniversary to the artist & his muse: A match made in heaven.”

See photos from their wedding anniversary shoot;


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