NYSC Allowance For Medical Doctors, Nurses and Others

NYSC Allowance For Medical Doctors Nurses and Others – Medical Corps members are those who studied medical related courses and are serving in health fields such as hospitals and clinics. Their allowance is quite different from the rest of other corps members. In this post, we will show you the NYSC allowance for medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others. Please, keep in mind that NYSC allowance is the same for all states and the same amount for all corpers. The current amount is N33,000.

However, the Corps members’ Place of Primary Assignments (PPA) and state of deployment usually compensate them with stipend. But this amount varies. You may like to also check NYSC allowance for all states in Nigeria. Like said earlier, the federal government, through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) pays every Corps member the sum of N33,000 monthly. So, any other amount that corps members get either from their PPA or State has nothing to do with the federal government.

Doctors and other health corps members are paid higher than others by some states and PPA. So, medical Corps members receive juicy state and PPA allowance aside from the normal allowance.

The reason for this is because medical corps members work more, and exposed to risk of contracting deadly diseases.

NYSC allowance for medical doctors who are serving as corps members

Below is how much medical corps members are being paid;

1. Akwa Ibom state (State N31,000, Teaching Hospital N75,000)

2. Bayelsa state (State N75,000, Federal Medica Centre N89,000)

3. Delta state (States N82,000 Federal
Medica Centre 70,000)

4. Borno state (States N100,000 neuro
psych N120,000, Teaching Hospital N170,000)

5. Kwara state (State N44,000, Teaching
Hospital N60,000)

6. Ebonyi state (State N15,000 for doctors and N5,000 for pharmacist)

7. Anambra State (State N45,000, Teaching Hospital N35,000)

8. Oyo state (State N69,000)

9. Kwara State (States N44,000 Teaching
Hospital N60,000)

10. Ondo State (From N90,000 to N100,000)

11. Kano (N66,000)

12. Gombe (State N65,000, Federal university clinic N103,000)

13. Ekiti (State N65,000)

14. Benue (between N50 and N72,000)

15. Imo State (IMO state poly N50,000.
Nekede poly N60,000. State facilities

16. Lagos State (between N25,000 and

17. Kogi (From N41,000 to N70,000)

18. Ogun (between N54,000 and N77,000)

19. Jigawa (State N26,800, Dutse GH
N40,00, TH N45,000, government clinic
N28,000, college of education N85,000,
Gumel GH N30,000)

20. Kaduna (State from N78,000 and

21. Sokoto (State N50,000 Barrack N72,000).


General Note:

  • Amount with * means not regularly pay corps members.
  • ¥ means corps members are not paid monthly but at the end of the service year.

The information above is subject to change, and we do not claim 100% accuracy. If you think that any figure is not correct or has changed, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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