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NPC Applicants With Pending Case Update

NPC Chairman Nasir Kwarra 750x375 1 NPC Applicants With Pending Case Update


NPC Applicants With Pending Case Update

NPC Applicants With Pending Case Update – Hello everyone, I was at the National population headquarters in Abuja today, I discussed the issue of ‘pending’ application with the ICT personnel and he gave his response below:


1. All Applicants with ‘pending’ issues are to report to the training venue because a separate list will be provided for the pending applicants for their approval.


2. NPC only wants to work with applicants that will be physically present at the training.


3. ICT stopped approving because they are waiting for the training day because they know that not all people who were approved will show up for the training. So applicants with pending issues will be approved during the training.


4. You can attend the training anywhere
you are that is closer to your location.


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