N-power Stipend Be Paid After Account Validation ?

N-power Stipend Be Paid After Account Validation ? – This article is to keep you updated in response to the common query we received from Npower beneficiaries who recently validated their accounts regarding the timing of the Stipend payment.

Npower Beneficiaries should be aware that a good account validation does not guarantee an immediate payment, according to Npower management, Nasims.

Beneficiaries of Npower who took part in the recent account validation will receive their arrears payments once the validation process has been completed and re-started.

Accordingly, Npower management has advised beneficiaries to kindly wait patiently for their payments while other beneficiaries take advantage of the account validation chance while it lasts, or before the validation cutoff.

In addition, Npower stated that recipients should be aware that all C2 beneficiaries had already received their December stipends, except for those who had invalid accounts and were the cause of the current account validation exercise.

Originally posted 2023-04-02 20:09:31.


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