Meet The Versatile Tracy Jack, And Her Journey To Game Of Throne Reality TV Show


Meet The Versatile Tracy Jack, And Her Journey To Game Of Throne Reality TV Show

Meet The Versatile Tracy Jack, And Her Journey To Game Of Throne Reality TV Show – What you need to know about Tracy Jack: Rise of a star Every body wants to be a star! For Tracy Queen K, that’s just mediocre. Tracy wants to be the galaxy. We had a great deal of laugh when she mentioned this and I thought at first she was a bit over ambitious and might pass for an ‘anti-social’ persona.

It seemed like she sensed my emotions like a psyche and told me, she just wants to be a great example to the up and coming stars of the future. Her goal was to change the narrative about success in the entertainment industry.

In her words “nothing good comes easy. It’s not enough to desire and dream, you must work your way up through the ladder of success and become an icon”.

Jack Queen K Popularly known as Tracy Jack hails from Abonnema Town, Rivers state. She was born October 5th, 1994. Tracy is the 3rd child or what rapper J’Cole refer to as the ‘middle child’ in a family of five. Although her parents are late, Tracy has gone ahead to carve a niche for her self as a relentless and talented entertainer. She is the definition of a go-getter.

Tracy is a graduate from Rivers state University of science as technology. She majored in Adult and community education and graduated with distinction.

Asides from having interest and talents as an entertainer, Tracy is a professional in portraits and frame enlargement designs. This goes ahead to show that the love of arts runs in her blood.

Leadership experience
Leaders are not born, they are made. The ‘Royalty reality Tv show’ is designed for this purpose. Tracy made this clear when she infact mentioned that a number of experiences as a leader in different spheres which I found fascinating.

Tracy held the position of General Secretary in an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Bright ladies of Rivers State.

She was also the General Secretary in the Unique Ambassadors

Finally she held the position of Financial Secretary in 103 battalion Army barrack Corper’s Enugu State When it comes to experience, Tracy has got it all.

Tracy has always been ambitious. Even though she studied Adult Education at the University, her dream has always been to be seen on the big Nollywood screen both home and abroad. This desire to conquer and dominate the entertainment industry earned her a spot in ‘Royalty reality Tv show’ scheduled to kick off on the 1st, July30th, July 2022. The 30 days show is a program designed to prepare youths in Nigeria for leadership positions which Tracy has proven to be worthy of and exhibited those qualities in her life. During our interview, Tracy disclosed that her dream was to be known worldwide for her remarkable leadership qualities and most
importantly, to be a true and inspiring leader of the people. Asides from having a strong leadership skills and desire, Tracy is an excellent actor and dancer. She also possess great cooking skills that will delight your taste buds.

Tracy has always been a dreamer and seeing her dreams materialized before her eyes through ‘Royalty Tv show show’ has been fulfilling. This has also fuelled her secret desire to see the most beautiful sights and locations in the world. Her dream is to Travel the world after she wins this show.

Support is free!
I have spent a great deal of time with this unique personality and I have to admit that she indeed has the ‘sauce and juice’. Her confidence is infectious, and her personality is addictive. Support her in this reality tv show not because I said but because she is worth it.

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