LUTH School Of Nursing School Fees For Freshers And Returning Students

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) School of Nursing is renowned for its exceptional academic standards and rigorous training. If you’re considering a nursing education in Nigeria, look no further. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the essential information about the school’s fees for both freshers and returning students.

LUTH School of Nursing School Fees for Freshers:

For freshers, the school fees at LUTH School of Nursing are as follows:

  • Tuition fee: N180,000
  • Acceptance fee: N30,000
  • Development fee: N20,000
  • Total: N230,000

LUTH School of Nursing School Fees for Returning Students: Returning students can expect the following fees:

  • Tuition fee: N180,000
  • Development fee: N20,000
  • Total: N200,000

Payment Schedule:

All school fees, whether for freshers or returning students, are due in full at the commencement of each academic session.

Payment Methods:

To facilitate payment, the LUTH School of Nursing accepts the following methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Online payment
  • Cash deposit at the school’s bursary

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

For those in need, the LUTH School of Nursing offers a range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities. These awards are granted based on a combination of merit and financial need. To explore these options further, visit the school’s official website.

Benefits of Studying at LUTH School of Nursing:

  1. Strong Academic Reputation: The LUTH School of Nursing is held in high regard for its academic excellence, with programs accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN).
  2. Qualified and Experienced Lecturers: Students benefit from a team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers who are experts in their respective fields.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The school boasts cutting-edge facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, extensive libraries, and access to teaching hospitals.
  4. Robust Industry Partnerships: The LUTH School of Nursing maintains strong ties with the healthcare industry, offering students invaluable hands-on experience through internships and other programs.
  5. High Employability for Graduates: Graduates of the LUTH School of Nursing are highly sought-after by employers in the healthcare sector, with an impressive track record of securing employment.


Choosing the LUTH School of Nursing for your education is a step towards a promising and rewarding career in nursing. With its esteemed reputation, experienced faculty, top-notch facilities, and strong industry connections, you’ll be well-prepared for success in the healthcare sector. Don’t forget to explore the scholarship and financial aid opportunities available to help make your education more accessible. Enroll today and embark on a fulfilling journey towards becoming a highly skilled and sought-after healthcare professional.

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