List Of Courses Offered In IMT Enugu

Are you considering pursuing higher education at the prestigious Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu, Nigeria? IMT Enugu is known for its exceptional quality of education and its commitment to producing job-ready graduates. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of courses offered at IMT Enugu, details about admission requirements, and insights into the career prospects associated with each course.

List of Courses Offered in IMT Enugu

IMT Enugu offers a diverse range of courses in the following categories:

Engineering Courses:

  1. Agricultural and Bioenvironmental Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering

Science Courses:

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Computer Science
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Food Science and Technology
  7. Geology
  8. Mathematics
  9. Microbiology
  10. Physics
  11. Statistics

Management Courses:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business Administration
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Public Administration
  7. Transport Management

Business Courses:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Hospitality Management
  3. Office Technology and Management
  4. Purchasing and Supply Management
  5. Tourism Management

Admission Requirements for IMT Enugu Courses

The admission requirements for IMT Enugu courses may vary depending on the specific program, but there are some common prerequisites:

  • All applicants are required to have at least five (5) credits in relevant O’level subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

For Engineering Courses:

  • Applicants must also possess a Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with five (5) credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

For Science Courses:

  • Applicants must hold an SSSC with five (5) credits in relevant subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

For Management Courses:

  • Applicants should have an SSSC with five (5) credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics, Economics, and Commerce.

For Business Courses:

  • Applicants must also have an SSSC with five (5) credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics, Economics, and Commerce.

Career Prospects for IMT Enugu Graduates

IMT Enugu graduates enjoy a multitude of career opportunities across various sectors. Their skills and knowledge are highly sought after in government agencies, private companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Engineering Graduates:

IMT Enugu’s engineering graduates are well-prepared for careers as engineers in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Science Graduates:

Graduates from science programs can pursue careers as scientists in research institutions, universities, and government agencies.

Management Graduates:

Those who complete management courses at IMT Enugu can embark on managerial roles in diverse industries, including banking, finance, and human resources.

Business Graduates:

IMT Enugu equips business graduates with the knowledge and skills to either become entrepreneurs or secure positions in various corporate settings.


IMT Enugu stands as a prominent institution offering a wide array of courses that pave the way for successful careers. If you are considering studying at IMT Enugu, we encourage you to visit the official school website to gain a deeper understanding of the admission requirements and the application process. Your journey towards an enriching educational experience and a promising career begins here.

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