List Of Courses Offered In Anchor University

Anchor University, located in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, is a prestigious private Christian institution known for its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This institution has gained popularity as one of the top choices for higher education in the country, offering an extensive array of courses to cater to various academic interests and career aspirations. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the diverse academic programs available at Anchor University.

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Accounting: Prepare for a career in finance, auditing, or corporate accounting.
  2. Anatomy: Explore the intricacies of the human body’s structure and function.
  3. Applied Geophysics: Delve into the science of studying the Earth’s subsurface.
  4. Architecture: Learn the art and science of designing buildings and spaces.
  5. Banking and Finance: Gain expertise in financial management and economics.
  6. Biochemistry: Study the chemical processes within living organisms.
  7. Biology: Explore the fascinating world of living organisms and ecosystems.
  8. Biology Education: Equip yourself to teach biology effectively.
  9. Business Administration: Develop skills for managing and leading in the corporate world.
  10. Chemistry: Dive into the study of matter and its properties.
  11. Chemistry Education: Learn to educate and inspire future chemists.
  12. Civil Engineering: Master the art of designing and constructing infrastructure.
  13. Computer Science: Explore the world of algorithms, programming, and technology.
  14. Computer Science Education: Prepare to educate the next generation of tech enthusiasts.
  15. Economics: Analyze economic systems, markets, and policies.
  16. Economics Education: Train to teach economics with expertise.
  17. Education: Gain foundational knowledge in the field of education.
  18. Education Administration: Learn about educational leadership and management.
  19. Educational Management: Prepare for a career in educational administration.
  20. Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Explore the world of electrical systems.
  21. English and Literary Studies: Immerse yourself in the world of literature and language.
  22. English Language Education: Train to teach English effectively.
  23. Environmental Management and Toxicology: Study environmental science and its impact.
  24. Estate Management: Learn about property management and real estate.
  25. Finance: Hone your skills in financial planning and investment.
  26. Fine and Applied Arts: Develop your artistic talents and creativity.
  27. Fisheries and Aquaculture Management: Explore the world of aquatic resources.
  28. Food Science and Technology: Study the science behind food production.
  29. Forestry and Wildlife Management: Discover the management of natural resources.
  30. French: Learn the beautiful language and culture of France.
  31. French Education: Equip yourself to teach French effectively.
  32. Geography: Explore the Earth’s landscapes and environments.
  33. Geography Education: Prepare to inspire future geographers.
  34. Geology: Study the Earth’s structure and geological processes.
  35. Geophysics: Explore the science of Earth’s subsurface and seismic activity.
  36. Guidance and Counselling: Gain expertise in helping and counseling individuals.
  37. History: Delve into the past and its impact on the present.
  38. History Education: Prepare to educate and inspire future historians.
  39. Human Kinetics and Health Education: Promote health and fitness education.
  40. Industrial and Labour Relations: Understand workplace dynamics and labor issues.
  41. Information and Communication Technology: Master the world of IT and communication.
  42. Insurance: Study risk management and insurance policies.
  43. International Law and Diplomacy: Explore the world of international relations.
  44. International Relations: Analyze global politics and diplomacy.
  45. Jurisprudence: Study legal philosophy and theory.
  46. Law: Prepare for a career in the legal field.
  47. Library and Information Science: Gain skills in managing and curating information.
  48. Linguistics: Explore language and its structure.
  49. Linguistics Education: Equip yourself to teach linguistics effectively.
  50. Marketing: Learn the art of marketing and brand management.
  51. Mass Communication: Prepare for a career in media, journalism, and communication.
  52. Mathematics: Delve into the world of numbers, equations, and logic.
  53. Mathematics Education: Train to educate future mathematicians.
  54. Mechanical Engineering: Study the principles of mechanical systems.
  55. Medical Laboratory Science: Explore medical diagnostics and testing.
  56. Microbiology: Study microorganisms and their roles in various fields.
  57. Microbiology Education: Prepare to teach microbiology effectively.
  58. Music: Develop your musical talents and creativity.
  59. Music Education: Equip yourself to teach music effectively.
  60. Nursing Science: Train to become a skilled and compassionate nurse.
  61. Nutrition and Dietetics: Study nutrition and its impact on health.
  62. Petroleum Engineering: Explore the world of oil and gas extraction.
  63. Pharmacy: Prepare for a career in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.
  64. Philosophy: Delve into philosophical inquiry and critical thinking.
  65. Philosophy Education: Train to educate future philosophers.
  66. Physics: Study the fundamental laws of the physical world.
  67. Physics Education: Equip yourself to teach physics effectively.
  68. Political Science: Analyze political systems, theories, and policies.
  69. Political Science Education: Prepare to inspire future political scientists.
  70. Psychology: Explore the human mind, behavior, and emotions.
  71. Psychology Education: Train to teach psychology effectively.
  72. Public Administration: Learn about government and public policy.
  73. Public Health: Study public health and its impact on communities.
  74. Quantity Surveying: Explore the field of construction cost management.
  75. Religion and Cultural Studies: Delve into the world of religious and cultural diversity.
  76. Religious Studies Education: Equip yourself to teach religious studies effectively.
  77. Science Education: Prepare to educate future science enthusiasts.
  78. Social Studies Education: Train to teach social studies effectively.
  79. Sociology: Analyze society, human behavior, and social issues.
  80. Sociology Education: Equip yourself to teach sociology effectively.
  81. Statistics: Explore the world of data analysis and statistics.
  82. Taxation: Study tax laws and financial regulations.
  83. Tourism and Hospitality Management: Prepare for a career in the hospitality industry.
  84. Urban and Regional Planning: Learn to design and manage urban spaces.

Postgraduate Programs:

  1. Accounting: Advance your expertise in accounting and financial management.
  2. Adult Education: Explore the field of adult education and lifelong learning.
  3. Anthropology: Study human societies, cultures, and behavior.
  4. Applied Geophysics: Dive deeper into subsurface exploration and geophysical studies.
  5. Architecture: Advance your skills in architectural design and planning.
  6. Banking and Finance: Gain advanced knowledge in financial services and banking.
  7. Biochemistry: Research and specialize in biochemistry and molecular biology.
  8. Biology: Conduct advanced research in biology and life sciences.
  9. Business Administration: Elevate your leadership and management skills in the corporate world.
  10. Chemistry: Advance your understanding of chemical processes and research.
  11. Christian Education: Explore religious and moral education from a Christian perspective.
  12. Civil Engineering: Advance your skills in civil engineering and infrastructure development.
  13. Computer Science: Specialize in advanced computer science and technology.
  14. Criminology and Security Studies: Study crime, security, and law enforcement.
  15. Curriculum Studies and Instructional Technology: Explore educational curriculum design and technology integration.
  16. Demography: Study population dynamics and demographic trends.
  17. Development Studies: Investigate social and economic development issues.
  18. Economics: Conduct advanced research in economics and policy analysis.
  19. Education: Advance your knowledge in the field of education.
  20. Educational Administration: Develop leadership skills in educational institutions.
  21. Educational Management: Specialize in the management of educational institutions.
  22. Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Explore advanced electrical and electronic systems.
  23. English Language Education: Specialize in teaching English effectively.
  24. Environmental Management and Toxicology: Research environmental science and toxicology.
  25. Finance: Advance your skills in financial planning, analysis, and investment.
  26. Food Science and Technology: Research advanced food science and technology.
  27. Forestry and Wildlife Management: Specialize in forest and wildlife conservation.
  28. French: Deepen your knowledge of the French language and culture.
  29. French Education: Specialize in teaching the French language effectively.
  30. Geography: Conduct advanced research in geography and spatial analysis.
  31. Geography Education: Specialize in teaching geography effectively.
  32. Geology: Advance your understanding of Earth’s geological processes.
  33. Geophysics: Deepen your knowledge of geophysics and subsurface studies.
  34. Guidance and Counselling: Specialize in advanced guidance and counseling techniques.
  35. History: Conduct advanced historical research and analysis.
  36. History Education: Specialize in teaching history effectively.
  37. Human Kinetics and Health Education: Advance knowledge in health and physical education.
  38. Industrial and Labour Relations: Explore advanced labor and workplace issues.
  39. Information and Communication Technology: Specialize in advanced IT and communication.
  40. Insurance: Conduct advanced research in risk management and insurance.
  41. International Law and Diplomacy: Specialize in international legal matters and diplomacy.
  42. International Relations: Explore advanced international politics and diplomacy.
  43. Jurisprudence: Conduct advanced research in legal philosophy.
  44. Law: Advance your legal expertise and practice.
  45. Library and Information Science: Specialize in information management and curation.
  46. Linguistics: Deepen your understanding of language and linguistics.
  47. Linguistics Education: Specialize in teaching linguistics effectively.
  48. Marketing: Advance your knowledge in marketing and brand management.
  49. Mass Communication: Specialize in advanced media, journalism, and communication.
  50. Mathematics: Conduct advanced research in mathematics and mathematical logic.
  51. Mathematics Education: Specialize in teaching mathematics effectively.
  52. Mechanical Engineering: Deepen your expertise in mechanical systems and engineering.
  53. Medical Laboratory Science: Advance knowledge in medical diagnostics and research.
  54. Microbiology: Conduct advanced research in microbiology and microbial studies.
  55. Microbiology Education: Specialize in teaching microbiology effectively.
  56. Music Education: Advance your skills in music education and instruction.
  57. Nursing Science: Specialize in advanced nursing practices and healthcare.
  58. Nutrition and Dietetics: Conduct advanced research in nutrition and dietetics.
  59. Petroleum Engineering: Explore advanced topics in oil and gas extraction and production.
  60. Pharmacy: Advance your expertise in pharmaceutical sciences and healthcare.
  61. Philosophy: Deepen your philosophical inquiry and critical thinking.
  62. Philosophy Education: Specialize in teaching philosophy effectively.
  63. Physics: Conduct advanced research in physics and theoretical science.
  64. Physics Education: Specialize in teaching physics effectively.
  65. Political Science: Advance your knowledge of political systems and theories.
  66. Political Science Education: Specialize in teaching political science effectively.
  67. Psychology: Deepen your understanding of human behavior and mental processes.
  68. Psychology Education: Specialize in teaching psychology effectively.
  69. Public Administration: Advance your knowledge of government and public policy.
  70. Public Health: Specialize in advanced public health practices and research.
  71. Quantity Surveying: Explore advanced construction cost management and estimation.
  72. Religion and Cultural Studies: Conduct advanced research in religious and cultural diversity.
  73. Religious Studies Education: Specialize in teaching religious studies effectively.
  74. Science Education: Advance your knowledge of science education and pedagogy.
  75. Social Studies Education: Specialize in teaching social studies effectively.
  76. Sociology: Conduct advanced research in sociology and social issues.
  77. Sociology Education: Specialize in teaching sociology effectively.
  78. Statistics: Deepen your expertise in data analysis and statistical methods.
  79. Taxation: Specialize in advanced tax laws and financial regulations.
  80. Tourism and Hospitality Management: Advance your skills in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  81. Urban and Regional Planning: Explore advanced urban and regional design and management.

At Anchor University, you have the opportunity to pursue your academic interests and career goals across a broad spectrum of fields. Whether you’re passionate about science, technology, the arts, or social sciences, there’s a program for you. The university’s commitment to academic excellence, combined with its Christian values, makes it an ideal place to embark on your educational journey.


So, if you’re considering higher education in Nigeria, Anchor University in Lagos offers a rich tapestry of academic programs to choose from, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This diverse educational environment can empower you to explore your passions, expand your horizons, and prepare for a successful and fulfilling future.

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