Lil Pump Enlists NBA Youngboy To Make his Comeback Official On “I Don’t Mind”

Lil Pump Enlists NBA Youngboy To Make his Comeback Official On “I Don’t Mind” – Lil Pump promised to make a strong come back in the past few months. Some where in between the success of “Gucci Gang” and his cringey collab with Ye, his social media antics became monotonous. Ultimately, his hottest moment in the past few years was during the election, when former President Donald Trump referred to him as “Lil Pimp” and allowed him to speak at his campaign rally. He didn’t utilize the moment to gain supporters out of the right, though it seems like he’s now gearing up to return to the rap game.

After a whole makeover that included losing his lean gut and getting a new set of teeth, he began to embark in a new era of his professional career. The sequel to his self-titled debut is expected to drop later this week, which will include some big features.

However, it feels like it could be a make-or-break moment that may or may not lead him to performing in front of similar sized crowds as his buddy, Smokepurpp.

Lil Pump is apparently exploring beyond the distorted bass of Soundcloud rap for a more melodic effort. This week, he returned with his latest single, “I Don’t Mind” ft. NBA Youngboy. Surprisingly, he brings out a more melodic effort that delves into a more vulnerable side. Pump shares his experiences of heartbreak and desire to be left alone.

It’s truly a surprising 180 from what people expect from Pump. It’ll be interesting if Lil Pump 2 entirely consists of a sound similar to this.



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