Lil Mosey Celebrates His Freedom With New Single, “Flu Game”

Lil Mosey Celebrates His Freedom With New Single Flu Game – After being acquitted of his recent rape charges, Lil Mosey is gracing the scene with more music. With his newfound freedom, the Washington born entertainer is gearing himself back up for a major return by dropping his newest single, “Flu Game.” Not only is Mosey dodging a prison sentence, but he now gets a chance to redeem his honor in the public eye. The clearing of all charges on March 2nd allowed him to feel confident in dropping his latest track on March 17th.

The highly anticipated song was paired with the release of a music video. In it, Lil Mosey dons a stylish outfit akin to the one Micheal Jordan in his famous 1997 final’s game. The young artist draws lyrical parallels between his struggles with proving his innocence and Jordan’s poor health at the time. Through his heartfelt lyrics, Mosey sings, “Tryna ball like Michael Jordan (Jordan)/ Look at my left wrist, it’s gorgeous (Gorgeous)/ Livin’ the life that I wanted (Wanted)/ .”

Throughout his verses, Lil Mosey reflects on the feeling of being trapped in his situation. “They love watchin’ you fall/ And they gon’ try to knock you,” he laments. “When you’re back against the wall (Against the wall).” The verse perfectly encapsulates the feeling of not being able to win. But the track also reflects his feelings of rising above the darkness. He makes a not-so-subtle hint in his last verse, “Winnin’ any case a good feeling.” New listeners might overlook the lyric at first. However, fans of Mosey are definitely going to spot the reference right away.

Lil Mosey teams up with producers SephGotTheWaves, Geo Vocals, and ISM to ensure the song’s excellence. As he spent the last couple of years struggling through a storm, he wanted the best team possible. In his latest Instagram post, he captions a snippet of the video with, “This for my fans, this for the culture!” While he was facing prosecution, Mosey’s biggest fans consistently voiced their support. The artist returns the favor in the best way he can, by continuing to put out great music.

Stay tuned to learn more about his upcoming music.



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