Leaked Sex Tape: “Somebody’s husband” found Tiwa Savage; Nigerians react


Leaked Sex Tape: “Somebody’s husband” found Tiwa Savage; Nigerians react

Last year, UMG’s Tiwa Savage, faced a huge storm after a sex-tape of her was leaked.

Tiwa claimed, at a time, that she was in a relationship with the ‘unknown man’. She also claimed that the he was not married.


It all started when Tiwa revealed news about the sex-tape in an interview in October last year.

Speaking on the Angie Martinez show, she spoke on ger “Garri & Water” album, then later revealed that she’s being black mailed.

She claimed she was threatened by an unknown person to either pay them in bitcoin or risk the tape being released today.

Tiwa said she rejected the offer.


A few days after, a tape of her having sex with an unknown man was leaked.

Nigerians reacted differently to the video. While she had a couple of sympathisers, others enjoyed the ride and continued to spread the video.

Government officials and other celebrities reacted to the tape.

She also lost a couple of endorsement deals as a result of the tape.


Tiwa would later come at the popular blog, Gist lover, who criticised her for the way she handled the situation.

She implied that Gist lover wanted to disgrace, destroy and shame her on social media by threatening to reveal her sex tape gist before she did.

However, when the narrative changed by Tiwa talking about it in an Interview, Tiwa said that Gist lover didn’t like the out come and went on her page to spread more lies about her.

Meanwhile, a certain video from Gist lovers Blog, has revealed the identity of the ‘unknown man’. By so doing, the blog has backed its’ claimes that the Nigerian diva was lying.

In the clip, the man was spotted with his family, a wife and two kids.


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