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Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai Link Up For “Jealous” Single

Screenshot 20230406 010001 Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai Link Up For “Jealous” Single


Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai Link Up For “Jealous” Single

Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai Link Up For Jealous Single – If you’ve ever found yourself feeling some type of way over another person, Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai’s new collaboration is for you. The R&B darlings finally unleashed “Jealous” on Monday (April 3), via The Heavy Group/Republic Records. As it turns out, today is also the Phoenix-raised artist’s birthday, marking the perfect occasion for her to share another must-hear single.

As the VRon-produced effort begins, we hear from Ledé, who admits that she’s “never been good at sharing,” though the man in her life now is pushing her to “practice patience.” Her melodic voice rings out, “And I let you do your thing ’cause I’m doing mine / I was actin’ like I’m good when I know I’m lyin’.” When the chorus finally rolls around, she initially resists her feelings of jealousy but eventually admits to struggling over the “other bitches” in her love interest’s life.

On her verse, Mai markedly sings, “Don’t make me pull up on you just to make it loud and clear / I know you do this shit on purpose / Actin’ like you don’t know I’m perfect for ya / You told me I’m your only person.” From the sounds of her lyrics, she’s feeling just as possessive as her collaborator, leaving them both with plenty of strong feelings to work through.

“What did you think would happen / When you give me all this good dick?” Ledé asks on the bridge as the song comes to a close. “When you keep me on some good shit? / Let ’em try me, I’ma poll it / I’ve been posting pics,” she teases the man who’s got her in her feelings. “That ass been lookin’ thick / Does it make you jealous? / I can’t be the only one.”

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