Jazz Cartier Puts On For The 6ix On “+4416”

Jazz Cartier Puts On For The 6ix On +4416 – The 6ix is still scorching hot, even in the winter. The hip-hop scene in Toronto’s flourished over the past few years, especially as more Canadian artists begin to break out into the American market. Sure, Drake, Nav, Tory Lanez, and The Weeknd stand as the most prominent figures in the city, but Jazz Cartier undoubtedly defined an era in the city. Projects like Maurading In Paradise and Hotel Paranoia became pivotal in his career while also helping lay down the foundation for the next generation of rappers that followed.

Still, it’s been nearly five years since his first full-length project Fleurever. The 2018 project boasted 16 songs in total with appearances from KTOE and BLK LT$. However, he hasn’t left fans empty-handed. In 2021 and 2022, he released The Fleur Print Vol. 1 & 2 which saw him colliding on wax alongside Cousin Stizz, Buddy, Kari Faux, AzizTheShake, and KYLE. Though he hasn’t indicated that another album is on the way, he came through with a new single this week that won’t disappoint.

This week, Jazz Cartier set the tone for 2023 with the release of his new single, “+4416.” This time, he enlists the help of Gray Toomey, JiKay, and Parker Jazz for the spacey and hypnotic production. Jazz is back in his bag with a slick flow that ties together his wicked wordplay and confident delivery. With a slight tinge of UK influence sprinkled throughout his verses, Jazz brings fun, playful energy to his new single, “+4416.”

“+4416” marks Jazz Cartier’s first official single in roughly two years. However, the rapper delivered a string of excellent collaborations. He teamed up with Eva Shaw on “OUTSIDE.” Then, Jazz and Tommy Newport locked in for “Jackpot.” In early November, he locked in with Rossy for the high-intensity banger, “KARMA.” Hopefully, “+4416” won’t be the only offering he has for us this summer.

Check out Jazz Cartier’s latest single above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.



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