MUSIC: Israel Odebode [Izzy] – Leave Me with Jesus

Israel Odebode Izzy Leave Me with Jesus mp3 download
Israel Odebode Izzy Leave Me with Jesus mp3 download

Israel Odebode Izzy Leave Me with Jesus mp3 download – Despite all that the world is going through at the moment, it has been an amazing year for Izzy (now re-branded as Israel Odebode). Following couple of note-worthy releases since December 2019 till date (from releasing his latest album – The Message, to releasing three (3) music videos from the album – “Best”, “Take the Glory” and “Aribirabata”), Israel Odebode takes it a notch higher by releasing his brand new worship song titled – ”Leave Me with Jesus”.

According to Israel Odebode ~ “We have been experiencing so much in this world since the beginning of 2020. But despite all, we are even more encouraged to keep on fellow-shipping with Jesus. One of the moments spent with the Holy Spirit during this season, was what gave birth to this song. The writing of the song was completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit to breathe upon.

I strongly believe it will bless so many and will cause you to spend more time with Jesus always. It is a song of communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I pray as you listen to this continuously, it creates a renewed fresh oil of the Holy Spirit and births a stronger desire and hunger for His righteousness now and always.”

Produced and skilfully arranged by the amazing producer – Greenwox; and written by Israel Odebode.

Stream/download audio below:

Download ”Leave Me with Jesus” and more from Israel Odebode’s website.

Also available via iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

Connect with Israel on his social media handles:

Facebook & Instagram: @iamisraelodebode
Twitter: @israelodebode_


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