Introducing Soundhalla The Artist’s Partner Get Heard

Are you an independent artist or do you know someone struggling to get their music heard ? No problem. Soundhalla is here.

Soundhalla is a global music marketing agency, working alongside artists to help them get more exposure for their brand and music. We form a strategy and help the artist execute it.

What makes us different ?
If your music is good enough, we will fund the artist project promotion in exchange for a share of the artist’s digital revenue.

Our team has generated over 5 million streams in the past weeks for artists around the world and we are in partnership with some of the top tv and radio stations around the globe.

So what are you waiting for ? Click the link below because it’s time for the world to hear you!

Twitter – @soundhalla
Facebook – @soundhalla
Instagram – @soundhalla
Linkedin – soundhalla


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