International Peace ESSAY Contest For Ukraine War

International Peace ESSAY Contest For Ukraine War – The International Peace Essay Contest for Ukraine War encourages people around the globe to share their ideas on the issues of peace and conflict in the Ukraine War. Each of us has an opportunity to provide support or ideas for people in need and to help animals remain safe and cared for Peace building fosters unity, and conflict resolution leads to peace and under standing.

Preventing conflict and building peace are now more important than ever. The Ukraine war increased the risk of hunger, violence, exploitation, and separation of families. It has been causing pain and loss, especially for vulnerable children and families.

Animals are also the victims of the Ukraine war. People who have been evacuated from their homes left their pets. Environmental pollution could last long after a bullet is fired or a bomb explodes, which can directly harm humans, wildlife, and biodiversity.

There is no word count requirement. You
can write a few sentences or an essay of up to 3,000 words.

Please answer one of the following questions:

Question 1: What negotiations or policies
would you recommend to contribute to
peace building from the perspective of your own country? What could your country do to help solve the conflict? Or what will be your role in international peace building?

Question 2: What are your ideas for protecting wildlife or pets that lost their owners during the war while improving animal welfare in wartime?

Question 3: The war can negatively affect the environment and earth, such as changing weather patterns, worsening soil and air quality, and having long-term effects on human health. What are your ideas toward improving policies which may help eliminate environmental harm due to the war?

Deadline: Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Contact Information

Email: contact@americanpaintersandpeaceeducators.org

Website: HERE

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