“Insecure idiot”, David Hundeyin insults Burna Boy after club attack

“Insecure idiot”, David Hundeyin insults Burna Boy after club attack – Nigerian singer Burna Boy Popular Nigerian singer and award winner, Burna Boy, has been trending on the social space for negative reasons.

Burna Boy had tried to woo someone’s wife at the club leading to a rancour. Events of the night did not go well as two people were shot and assaulted by his security guards. The police also released a detailed report, confirming the incident.

People have continued to call out the singer for his arrogant behaviour. Also, calling Burna Boy out is popular investigative journalist, David Hundeyin.

Mr Hundeyin took to Twitter to say Burna Boy is a ‘butty child’ who is forming gangster. He went on to say if you place the singer with a proper gangster, he would wet him self.

“I’m sure if you take @burnaboy‘s security away and put him in the same room with the actual kind of gangsta he’s always role playing, he will wet him self.

“Insecure idiot that went to Corona School but is out here waving guns and acting like the hardman he absolutely is not.

“Foolish child that went to the same school with Yemi Osinbajo but is out here forming Port Harcourt street boy and laughing while his security shoots innocent people just minding their business. One day that street you love to roleplay so much will catch you. One day,” My Hundeyin said.

Late December, 2021, Burna Boy had promised to be a better person. On several occassions this year, the singer had broken the promise. He and Ghana’s Shatta Wale engaged in a mouth battle as they called out each other. Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo also commented on their beef. It was also alleged that his crew attacked a man at a Lekki club. Burna and his management are yet to release a statement.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering what will be the singer’s fate as the police have confirmed reports and are investigation.


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