Ilaro Poly Schools For HND Students 2023/2024

Ilaro Polytechnic is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious institutions, renowned for its exceptional education, dedicated faculty, and modern facilities. For students seeking to pursue a Higher National Diploma (HND) program, Ilaro Polytechnic stands out as an excellent choice. This institution offers a diverse range of HND programs across various fields of study. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the different schools within Ilaro Polytechnic that offer HND programs, along with specific details about the programs offered by each school.

Schools Offering HND Programs at Ilaro Poly (2023/2024)

  1. School of Applied Sciences
  2. School of Business and Management Studies
  3. School of Engineering
  4. School of Environmental Studies
  5. School of Information and Communication Technology

HND Programs Offered by Each School

School of Applied Sciences

  1. HND in Computer Science
  2. HND in Food Technology
  3. HND in Hospitality Management
  4. HND in Mathematics and Statistics
  5. HND in Nutrition and Dietetics
  6. HND in Science Laboratory Technology
  7. HND in Tourism Management

School of Business and Management Studies

  1. HND in Accountancy
  2. HND in Business Administration
  3. HND in Marketing
  4. HND in Public Administration

School of Engineering

  1. HND in Civil Engineering
  2. HND in Computer Engineering
  3. HND in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  4. HND in Mechanical Engineering

School of Environmental Studies

  1. HND in Quantity Surveying

School of Information and Communication Technology

  1. HND in Mass Communication
  2. HND in Library and Information Science

Why Choose Ilaro Polytechnic for Your HND Studies?

  1. High-Quality Education: Ilaro Polytechnic offers accredited education recognized by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
  2. Experienced Faculty: The institution boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to fostering student success.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Ilaro Polytechnic provides cutting-edge facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, workshops, and extensive libraries.
  4. Industry Partnerships: Through collaborations with prominent companies and organizations, Ilaro Polytechnic offers students valuable opportunities to gain real-world experience.


Ilaro Polytechnic stands as a beacon of excellence in Nigerian education, offering a wide array of HND programs through its various schools. With a commitment to quality education, experienced faculty, top-notch facilities, and industry connections, this institution provides an ideal environment for students to thrive in their chosen fields. Consider Ilaro Polytechnic for your HND studies, and embark on a journey towards a bright and promising future.

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