Ibadan Poly School Fees For Part-Time Students (2023/2024)

The Polytechnic Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s leading educational institutions, offering a wide array of courses, including flexible part-time programs designed to accommodate working individuals. If you are considering enrolling in one of these part-time programs, understanding the school fees structure is crucial. In this blog article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth overview of Ibadan Poly’s school fees for part-time students, complete with a breakdown of fees, payment procedures, and deadlines.

Breakdown of Ibadan Poly School Fees for Part-Time Students:

Ibadan Poly’s school fees for part-time students are divided into two main components: tuition fees and administrative charges. Tuition fees vary depending on your chosen course of study. Here’s a breakdown of the tuition fees:

  1. Science and Engineering: Naira 180,000
  2. Business and Communication Studies: Naira 160,000
  3. Financial Management Studies: Naira 150,000

In addition to tuition fees, part-time students at Ibadan Poly are also required to cover various administrative charges.

These charges are as follows:

  • Acceptance Fee: Naira 15,000
  • ICT Levy: Naira 5,000
  • CEDAP Fee: Naira 3,000
  • Anti-Cult Fee: Naira 500
  • Scratch Card Fee: Naira 1,500
  • Student Union/Student Dues: Naira 1,000

Payment Procedures and Deadlines:

Ibadan Poly offers flexibility when it comes to paying your part-time school fees. You have the option to pay the fees in full or in installments. If you choose to pay in installments, you must make an initial deposit of at least 50% of the total fees. The remaining balance should be paid in two equal installments before the start of the semester.

It’s important to note that the deadline for fee payment varies depending on the semester:

  1. First Semester: The deadline typically falls two weeks before the semester begins.
  2. Second Semester: The deadline is usually set two weeks after the commencement of the semester.

Please be aware that missing these payment deadlines may result in a late payment fee. To ensure a smooth and stress-free academic journey, it’s advisable to meet these deadlines promptly.


Understanding the school fees structure and payment procedures for part-time students at The Polytechnic Ibadan is essential for a successful educational experience. By breaking down the tuition fees and administrative charges, and providing information on payment options and deadlines, we hope this article has clarified the financial aspects of your journey as a part-time student at Ibadan Poly.

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