Actress Jaiye Kuti marks 21st wedding anniversary

I thought it was “Bed of Roses 🌹” But I realized it was Bed of understanding- Actress Jaiye Kuti marks 21st wedding anniversary

Today marks the 21st wedding anniversary of popular actress Jaiye Kuti and she is super excited! Sharing some family pictures and also photos from her wedding to Mr. Olanrewaju Charles Kuti, she wrote on her verified Instagram page:

“I thought it was “Bed of Roses 🌹” But I realized it was “Bed of understanding“

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us 🥰🌹❤️”

Jaiyeola Kuti is no doubt a household name in the Nigeria film industry especially in Yoruba movie industry. She has carved a niche for herself and she is good at what she does.

We reached out to Jaiye Kuti to congratulate her on the 21st year anniversary of her wedding and in her words she narrates how it all started with Mr Kuti.

“When I was going to marry my husband, I was already a graduate from the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro in Ogun State, but my husband insisted I go to the University. So I enrolled into the University of Lagos. My husband is always insisting on anything good anyway (smiles). Because of this and so many other good things he was doing for me I said Yes and agreed to marry him. Then we got married and I thought it was going to be a bed of Roses but I did not find any roses, not even a single rose but after many years the roses that are in the house started coming out because of our steadfastness. Ours is a bed of understanding. If you are a young woman out there getting married, you have to respect your husband, you have to be submissive, you see, marriage is not just about marring that man but you are marrying anyone that are with him: his mum, his dad, his friends, his family, and even his workers. You have to know how to manage everybody. Everything might be working against you in the marriage but because of the great understanding you will scale through.“

She went on further to advise the intending couple thus:

“My advice for the young couple is that they should not expect their spouses to be always perfect like when they are in courtship or dating. Some women change after they get married, and the husband begins to wonder how he got to that point in the first place, same goes for the woman too. The day you say yes to a man, you didn’t say yes so that he can be beating you or he can be denying you of so many good things of life but it might happen, you know …it happens. you have to overlook a lot of things in marriage for you to have peace and you have to create peace in your home and put roses in your house as a woman. Today I am thanking God for my husband, you know, last year he was terribly sick for a whole year and I was running from one hospital to another but today I thank God and that is the part of the understanding and with a lot of prayers God will be on our side. So my advice to people is that they should not see any marriage as a bed of roses but it is you in that marriage that will create the roses and put it in the marriage. “

Jaiye’s words are so relevant especially at this period when we have high rate of divorce and broken marriages.

The Nigerian movie industry is flooded with unhealthy competition and marital woes, thus we are not surprised that Jaiye Kuti hides her marriage and family from the public.

Jaiyeola Oluwakemi Kuti’s marriage to Mr Olanrewaju Charles Kuti is blessed with two lovely children, Mayowa Odutola Kuti a lawyer in the making and Anastasia Temitope Kuti.

We wish her a happy 21st wedding anniversary and many more years together!


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