“I graduated from university at 18” – Ayra Starr

I graduated from university at 18 Ayra Starr – Nigerian musician, Ayra Starr has revealed that she graduated from the University at the early age of 18. According to the singer, she got into school early because her mother was not going to let her do music until she had a degree and she desperately wanted to be a teenage pop star.

She revealed that she has a degree in
International relations and political science and is currently planning on getting another one..


In her words:
“I was 18 actually. So my mum said I had to go to school first before she allowed me do any type of music. So it
was school first, school first. I made sure I got into school early cos I wanted to become a teenage pop star.

“My goal was to become a teenage pop year so I knew I had to go to school early. So, I did my WAEC a year before I was supposed to graduate. I just tried it to be honest, I didn’t know if I was going to pass but I aced it you know. I aced it.

“So I got into school, I schooled in Benin republic and I graduated from the uni when I was 18. My course was 3
years. I have a degree in international relations and Political science. I’m thinking of getting another one. I
have been so lazy, I don’t have the time but I’m taking french lesson, piano lessons and music lessons.”



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