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How To Register FoHowr FG, NDE Unemployment Registration

NDE Unemployment Registration How To Register FoHowr FG, NDE Unemployment Registration


How To Register FoHowr FG, NDE Unemployment Registration

How To Register For FG, NDE Unemployment Registration – Remember that we provided an update a few days ago informing you that the Federal Government, in partnership with NDE, is gathering statistics on unemployed people in Lagos State. If you haven’t seen the latest update, you can find it here. FG, NDE 2023 Unemployment Registration Exercise in Lagos State

Following the preceding update, we are pleased to inform you that the Federal Government’s registration of unemployed persons, which began in Lagos a few days ago through the National Directorate of Employment, has now
begun nationally in all 36 states, including the FCT.

To take advantage of this opportunity as an employee, please register with the NDE Office in your local government secretariat.

According to information we have received, the registration of unemployed graduates will begin tomorrow throughout all LGs in all states. You should take advantage of this opportunity.

How To Register For FG Unemployment Registration

To register, visit your local government areas with your NIN, phone number, highest qualification, etc.

Requirements For NDE Unemployed Person Registration

The following information will needed while filling the unemployment form:

1. Full Name

2. Contact Address

3. Phone Number

4. NIN

5. Age

6. Ward

7. Federal Constituency

8. Senatorial District

9. State of Origin

10. Local Government of Origin

11. State of Residence

12. Education Qualification

13. Period of Unemployment

14. Skills Previously Acquired

15. Required Skill (Vocational/

16. Employment Option (Wage/Self

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