How To Open A Dollar Account Online In Nigeria

How To Open A Dollar Account Online In Nigeria – Are you seeking for a dependable way to get paid in dollars while you’re in Nigeria? Do you engage in internet business, such as blogging or freelancing? Or are you just an ordinary citizen who receives payment from colleagues in the US? It is necessary to have a bank account that can accept payments in dollars without requiring a lot of paperwork. If so, carefully follow our instructions on how to open a dollar account in order to receive USD money in Nigeria. We have taken our time to analyze some of the top Nigerian banks that make it simple to open an online USD account. Having a dollar account, sometimes referred to as a domiciliary account, makes it simpler for anyone to receive money in USD, and it also enables you to make online purchases without being dependent on Virtual Cards to make payments on foreign websites like online shops and so on.

Opening A Dollar Account Online

In contrast to the old and conventional method, which requires you to visit a bank before you can have your dollar account, opening a dollar account in Nigeria is now quite simple and can be done from the comfort of your home. You
can open a dollar (USD) account online in Nigeria with the help of this guide

Today, many commercial operations can be completed online without leaving your home, such as creating a bank account without going into a banking facility.

List of Financial Institutions That Permit Online Dollar Account Opening

The banks listed below allow you to open dollar accounts without having to go to a branch unless you wish to fund your domiciliary account. And there are certain specific documents that you’ll need to give before you can open an account in Nigeria that will receive
dollars; you can see the paperwork required below.

Documents Required For Dollar Account in Nigeria

You must have specific documentation that prove you are qualified to hold a dollar account in Nigeria before you may create a domiciliary (dollar) account there. You are already familiar with the specifics of these documents, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

But you must be aware that before you can register a dollar account with any bank in Nigeria online, they all require distinct but somewhat similar documents. But because they apply to the majority of Nigerian institutions, the standards I’ve listed below should be taken into consideration.

  • Bank Identification Number (BVN).
  • A utility bill within the last 3 to 1 month.
  • 1 or 2 passport photographs.
  • Valid means of identification (international passport, permanent voters’ card, National ID card or NIN or driver’s license.)
  • Reference: Refers to a person who has a current account, whether it is with the same bank or not. Referees aren’t really required in some banks, such the United Bank of Africa (UBA), if the domestic account you intend to open isn’t anticipated to receive less than $6,000 in cash. However, a referee is required if you anticipate receiving more than that.

How to Open an Online Dollar Domiciliary (USD) Account in Nigeria

You must adhere to the steps described below in order to open a dollar account online with any of the banks listed; I took care to differentiate the steps for each bank. If you want to know how to open a dollar account that can deposit money into your UBA domiciliary account here in Nigeria, read the procedures below.

How To Open A Dollar Account With ALAT by Wema

ALAT by Wema is a digital banking app from Wema Bank. When you register on the ALAT app, you can quickly open a dollar account. Follow the steps below to learn how to build a dollar account with the Wema Alat app.

  • You must first install the ALAT app on your Android or iOS device; you may do so by following the links below for Android and iOS. Create an account and verify your information with your BVN and NIN.
  • When your Wema account is complete, go to My Account and create a dom account, selecting USD as your desired domiciliary account type.
  • After you’ve supplied the necessary information, your dollar account will be opened within minutes and you’ll be able to begin receiving funds.

How To Open A Dollar Account With Zenith Bank PLC

Zenith Bank makes it simple to open a dollar account online. You won’t have to do much work; everything will be done in PDF format, so make sure your phone or computer has a reliable PDF Reader.

  • Downloading the Zenith Bank Account Form is the first step, which you may do by clicking on the link provided. Open a PDF reader or PDF editor on your device, enter all the necessary information, and under Category of
  • Account, select Domiciliary and the dollar sign ($). Save the PDF file after adding the passport image.
  • Once you have filled the form, email the form to: and wait for a few days for your dollar account to be opened.

How To Open A Dollar Account With Union Bank

Creating an account with Union Bank is also quite simple, and regardless of the type of account you want to make, you may use a single form to determine what type of account you want to open.

  • You must download the Account Opening Form from Union Bank’s website, which you may do by clicking on this link.
  • Open a PDF reader or a PDF editor on your device, fill in all of the relevant information, and tick Domiciliary and $ under Category of Account. Upload and save the passport image to the PDF file.
  • Once you have filled the form, email the form to: and wait for a few days for your dollar account to be opened.

How To Open A Dollar Account With UBA

  • You can accomplish it by clicking on this UBA Instant Account Opening Link to get to the UBA Instant Account Opening Page.
  • After clicking the link, a new page will load; select Nigeria under “Select Country” and then click the “Submit” button.
  • Once you’ve selected to open an account using your BVN, click Open using BVN under Account Type on the new page after you’ve submitted your application. A new page will then load.
  • Your BVN, phone number, email address, and date of birth must all be entered. Make sure your date of birth corresponds to the one on your BVN.
  • Select Freedom Savings Domiciliary under Account Type, check the box next to “I agree with the terms and conditions,” and then click “Next” to proceed.
  • Wait for an OTP code to be delivered to the phone number associated with your BVN account; after entering the OTP, you will be directed to another page.
  • Fill in the necessary information on the new page, then click the Submit button.
  • If all the information is accurate and confirmed, you will receive an SMS confirming the successful creation of your dollar account after 24 hours.

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