How To Obtain Visa On Arrival For Newborns In Nigeria

How To Obtain Visa On Arrival For Newborns In Nigeria – Do you and your partner need a visa for your child to return to Nigeria if you recently gave birth abroad? You should read this article. This article is for you if you’re a Nigerian with adult children living overseas who want to travel to Nigeria for the first time but don’t have a Nigerian passport. We will discuss how to obtain a visa for a newborn Nigerian in this article. Please allow me to elaborate. If Nigerian parents give birth to a child outside of Nigeria, that child will not become a citizen of Nigeria until s/he receives a Nigerian passport.

As a result, the child will receive a visa on arrival and pay a visa fee when they return to Nigeria with the child. They can now take the child to the immigration office to get the infant granted an international passport as a Nigerian citizen after they have landed in Nigeria and been cleared by immigration.

There are two options for obtaining a Nigerian visa on arrival for infants born overseas. You can apply for a visa through the Nigerian embassy in your home country. You can apply to the Immigration Service in Nigeria through an agent in Nigeria. When
compared to option 1, this procedure is usually faster and more dependable.

Obtaining a Nigeria Visa on Arrival via an Agent

Documents Needed:

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months for the mother, father, and child.
  • The applicant’s (baby’s) bio info page.
  • Both parents’ bio data pages (mother and father).
  • Letter of consent signed by both parents (signatures should match those on the parents’ international passports).
  • Passport sized images of the infant (2).
  • Parents’ application letter to the Nigerian Immigration Service’s Comptroller General.

Using an agent to obtain a visa on arrival for newborns in Nigeria

Once these documents are completed, the agent will submit the application letter from the parents as well as a formal request for a visa on arrival to the Nigerian Immigration Service. Within 48 hours, a visa on arrival approval letter will be issued to the agency, who will scan and email it to the parents. After receiving the permission letter, the parents can fly to Nigeria with their newborn and this letter. At the port of entry, they must go to the “Visa on Arrival” desk and produce this letter to the Nigerian Immigration service at the airport before proceeding to pay for the visa.

The visa fee varies depending on the baby’s nationality. Check out this article “Nigeria Visa Fees for Foreigners” to learn more about the cost of a visa for your child. Once this is completed, the baby will be granted a visa on arrival. You are now ready to go.

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