How To Make Over 200k Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria (7 Examples)

How To Make Over 200k Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria 7 Examples – There are numerous ways to monetize your writing. It all depends on what you’re excellent at, what you enjoy writing about, and what you hope to accomplish. Some strategies may be more appropriate for you than others.

1. Ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is a writer who is tasked with writing works such as novels, essays, or other content without revealing his identity as the author. Ghostwriters are frequently compensated to compose the work and do not own the rights to it.

Ghostwriting work often consists of books, essays, letters, website material, and other items created by ghostwriters but published or accepted as their own by others.

2. Self-publishing

The process of publishing your own literature, whether in the form of an e-book or a printed book, is known as self publishing. This is a terrific way to get your writing out there, but it takes a lot of effort in terms of editing, formatting, and marketing.

3. Writing content

The task of a content writer is to write various needs, such as articles, journals, news, information, social media material, and so on. Meanwhile, a content writer is defined as a professional writer who creates fascinating content for internet media. The content produced can take the shape of blog articles, social media posts, or anything else authored and published on online platforms.

A content writer must be reader-oriented; they must think about how to generate content that would pique the interest of online readers.

Consider what themes to write about based on the needs of the target audience so that people will desire to read them. They are also in charge of driving traffic to the company’s website.

4. Technical writing

Technical writing is the creation of written content for technical products
and services such as manuals and user guides. You could work for software firms or for producers of technical products.

The work of technical writing is to create papers, user guides, and other writing for technical products and services. You could work for a software company, a manufacturing, or another entity that creates technological items.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is the process of creating text for marketing or persuasion. Copywriters who work for companies, agencies, or as self-employed individuals. Their writing will be utilized to promote items or services in advertising, brochures, emails, websites, and other media. The purpose is to grab the target market’s attention, develop interest, and encourage sales.

Copywriting can be employed in a variety of media, including television, radio, newspapers, and online advertising. Copywriters must be able to convey convincing and sellable messages that are both effective and compelling.

6. Freelance writing

There are numerous ways to earn money online through writing. Here are a
couple such examples: People in Nigeria are increasingly preferring to work as freelance writers. It’s quickly becoming a popular way to earn money.

As a freelance writer, you work for yourself and accept writing assignments from other persons or businesses. You could create articles, blog entries, product information, and other things for websites, magazines, newspapers, and other places.

7. Blogging

You can earn 460,000 naira as a blogger by developing and running your own website where you can share your writing with a large number of people. There are other ways to generate money from blogging, such as showing advertisements on your website, producing sponsored pieces, or promoting other people’s products and earning a commission.

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