How To Link Your iPhone To Windows 11

How To Link Your iPhone To Windows 11 – Microsoft has announced that its Phone Link for iOS will be made available on Windows 11. The feature offers a connection between a Windows 11 PC and an iOS mobile device, removing obstacles between the two devices and facilitating communication with loved ones. It is accessible in 39 languages and 85 markets.

To provide a high-quality user experience, the update has been rolled out progressively, with Windows Insiders offering input during the preview period. Android users have had access to Phone Link for some time, which gives them quick access to every thing they enjoy on their phone from a Windows PC. As new technology becomes available, the feature will be expanded to include new features.

Basic iOS functionality for calls, messages, and contact access is provided by Phone Link for iOS. Customers who have Windows 11 will be able to choose what to do when their phone is hidden during a presentation or focused period after receiving notifications on their PC. Accessing
iPhone photos on a PC is made simple by iCloud integration with Photos.


How To Link Your iPhone To Windows 11

Phone Link using an iPhone will not be available to everyone. Microsoft is now testing the integration on a modest scale. To test it, you must enroll your PC in the Windows Insider Program and download experimental builds of Windows 11. This carries considerable risk because these Windows Insider builds are known to include flaws. However, the Release Preview Channel is the most secure channel to join in the Windows Insider program. Here’s how you can get started.

1. Open the Windows 11 Settings app with Windows Key + I.

2. Click on Windows Update.

3. Click on Windows Insider Program.

4. Click on Get Started

5. Sign in with a Microsoft Account, and enable the required diagnostics.

6. Follow the instructions on your screen.

7. Click on Release Preview for the safest possible experience.

8. Follow through, and click on Restart Now.

9. Return back to Windows Update, and click the Check for Updates button.

10. Your PC will check for updates and prompt you to restart.

11. Once you’re restarted, go to the Microsoft Store app.

12. Search for Phone Link.

13. Click the top result, and then click the Update button.

Requirements for Phone Link for iOS

  • A Windows 11 device
  • Bluetooth connection
  • The most recent Phone Link app
  • An iPhone with iOS 14 or higher

iOS imposes restrictions on communications, prohibiting group messaging and the sharing of images and videos. Only when the phone is connected to a PC will messages, which are session-based, arrive. The release of Phone Link for iOS in Windows 11 is expected to increase device connectivity and make it simpler for customers to access the functions on their phone from their PC.

By introducing the feature gradually and soliciting user feedback, Microsoft is making sure that Phone Link offers its consumers the best possible user experience.

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