How To Easily Receive Google Adsense Payments In Nigeria

How To Easily Receive Google Adsense Payments In Nigeria – Here is a guide on how to receive your Google Adsense Payment from Google in Nigeria. Before we go deeper, I believe you understand what Google Adsense is and how to make money with it. I realize getting AdSense approved can be a bit difficult. Not every one goes through that anyway. If it has been very difficult, you must have been doing something wrong.

Luckily for you, there are lots of guides to follow of which most of them centre on quality content, great navigation on-page and proper placement of menus. Guess what? I had my AdSense approved on the first trial and also happened to be my first blog. What I did was writing original blog content, used a clean and simple theme and then applied for Adsense. Voila, it was approved. There is no magic, you just need to follow some certain rules.

Google Adsense is just a small fragment. There are other ways you can make money from your blog but none of the other ad networks has managed to topple Adsense. Affiliate marketing is as cool as it used to be. People still make several dollars by just proposing products and services in exchange for a commission.

Other methods people use to get extra income from their blogs are by offering online courses, ebooks or sponsored posts. We could go on but these remain the most common ways to make money from a blog. Back to the main topic which is how to get paid by Google in Nigeria. You finally nailed it or can feel the big pay day coming and you are now ready to set up your account to receive Google Adsense funds.

You do not need a domiciliary account to get paid, things have now been made easy to the extent that even with your Nigerian savings account, you can have your cash sent to you quickly.

Why domiciliary account might be best for your Google Adsense payment

There have been arguments as to why people should use a dollar account, otherwise called domiciliary account for payment of AdSense. The advantage of using a domiciliary account over savings account is that your bank will be powerless to short change you. When you receive money into your domiciliary Account, you can withdraw over the counter and get your business done with bureau de change. This saves you the hassle of being under paid by your bank.

Meanwhile, when dealing with roadside bureau de change, be smart to avoid being swindled. If you are in doubt, talk politely with the dealer and ask him to follow you to the bank and pay directly. If he refuses, another option is for him to make a transfer. After transfer, make sure you confirm the payment before sealing the deal to avoid story that touches the heart.

The most sensible thing to do is to always use those that you have known over the years or operators that own their own permanent office. That way, you can reduce the chance of being duped.

What you should know about some terms associated with Google Adsense

Hold your wheel first. If this is your first time, there are lots of things that are to be put in place before you are qualified to receive Google Adsense Payment.

Google pays to your bank account or cheque each month your earnings reach or exceed $100 provided your account is in US dollar account. £60 for the UK and €70 for Euro. This term is called payment threshold. The payment will be sent on the 21st of each month.

Another term common with Google AdSense is Address verification. This is a stage where you will be asked to verify your identity upon earning $10.

For verification, you will need to provide any government-issued ID card. There after, the countdown to the pay day.

What is a SWIFT BIC code?

Swift Code is the unique bank identifier code used to transfer funds from banks to banks located outside the country. Swift code also referred to as Bank Identifier code. Any time some one wants to send funds to another foreign account, he will need a swift bic code to complete the transaction. If someone from another country requests that you should your account details. You will need to provide your account name, account number, your bank name and swift bic code.

If you do not know your swift bic code, ask your bank to provide you with the code. You do not need to visit the office, make your request through any of their social media platforms.

Swift bic codes for Nigerian banks

1. Union Bank Of Nigeria swift bic code – UBNINGLA

2. Sterling bank – NAMENGLA

3. Keystone bank swift bic code – PLNINGLA

4. Wema bank swift bic code – WEMANGLA

5. United Bank for Africa swift bic code (UBA) – UNAFNGLA

6. Stanbic IBTC swift bic code – SBICNGLB

7. Heritage bank swift bic code – HBCLNGLA

8. FCMB swift bic code – FCMBNGLA

9. Ecobank – ECOCNGLA

0. Guaranty Trust Bank swift bic code. (GTB) – GTBINGLA

1. Zenith bank swift bic code – ZEIBNGLA

2. Access Bank swift bic code – ABNGNGLA

3. Fidelity Bank swift bic code – FIDTNGLA

4. Standard chartered bank swift bic code – SCBLIDJX

5. Unity bank swift bic code – ICITNGLA

6. Polaris bank swift bic code – PRDTNGLA

7. First bank swift BIC code – FBNINGLA


How to receive your Google Adsense payment There are two ways to receive your Google Adsense payment but we will be concentrating on Google AdSense Wire Transfer. The other way is through cheque or checks as it is popularly called in the USA.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, you no longer need a domiciliary or dollar account to get paid. With any Nigerian bank account in Naira value, you can get your Google Adsense payment within 5 Business days.

Step 1:  Go to to log into your account. Since it is Adsense, you only need your Gmail login details to get to your homepage.

Step 2: At the left side of the page, click on the three horizontal lines. Scroll down and click on payments .

Step 3: On this new page, tap on “Manage payment methods” This area provides you with options to receive your Adsense earnings.

Step 4: Click on “Add Payment Method” thereafter, tap on Add new wire transfer details or the other to highlight your choice. In this section, you are expected to provide your bank account information if you select wire transfer.

Let me walk you through this process. These are the most important section, don’t rush it.

1. Beneficiary ID should be left blank. Leave the space empty.

2. Name on bank account is very important. Enter your full names the way they appear on your bank’s profile. If you are in doubt, check your last email received from your bank to confirm it. I.e {BABANGIDA MOHAMMED BALA}

3. Bank name needs to be there too. If you are using First Bank, fill the space with {First Bank Of Nigeria LTD}.

4. Swift Bic Code is highly important as well. Every bank has its ownnunique international identifier code. Scroll up to get code ascribed to your bank. For instance, First bank uses {FBNINGLA}

5. Account number should be there too. Enter the 10 digit account number. In the next space provided, repeat the same.

Welcome to the next phase. Ignore intermediary bank, FFC or FBO. Decide whether you want to use the account as primary account if you have more than one account registered already.

Step 5: Click on the blue rectangle that occupies the word “Save ” Meanwhile, it might actually do you some good to go over it one more time to ensure all are correct.

Adsense payment taking longer ? I have tips for you

Once you are in line to receive Google AdSense payment, payment is sent every 21st of each month. For instance, if you are able to make $100 or more this month, your payment will be sent on the 21st of next month.

You are expected to wait for 5 business days after receiving a google notification concerning your payment. To get paid quickly, you will need to contact your bank.

Sometimes, the bank may request for a telex copy or receipt of the transfer to help process your payment fast.

To get your payment receipt, Go to AdSense homepage. Click on payments. Tap on view transactions to open payment history. On this page, you can access all detailed transactions.

Click on the successful payment to get your receipt. You will see something like this, “Automatic payment: Wire transfer to bank account…

Screen grab your payment receipt and share with your bank. This will help them to track your payment fast.

Why depending on one means of income when you can make more money online? The opportunity provided by the internet is massive to the extent that you can even make much more than your regular income.

Facebook also plays a pivotal role, it opens doors to several possibilities. When you think Facebook is just a social media platform, there are few who believe it is also a magnet for making more money . When you have mastered the art of using facebook to divert visitors to your blog, getting paid every month from your Google AdSense will not be a problem.

Facebook ad is a relevant tool every blogger should endeavour to pilot. Its benefits are tremendous.

Anyone can become a blogger, only those who have mastered the art get to survive in the game.

Happy blogging and earning!

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