How to do JAMB Regularization for NYSC mobilization

How to do JAMB Regularization for NYSC mobilization

How to do JAMB Regularization for NYSC mobilization – Every year, many graduates of various institutions miss out of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program because they couldn’t be ‘regularized‘ by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Therefore, in order to avert this unfortunate scenario, this article was written to show both Students and Graduates, how to do JAMB regularization for NYSC mobilization.

In this article, you will also learn the meaning of JAMB regularization and what it is all about. If this is your first time of hearing about ‘JAMB Regularization’, then after going through this piece, you would learn enough to teach others.

What is JAMB Regularization?

JAMB Regularization also known as ‘JAMB Late Application’, means to formally and genuinely validate candidates’ modes of admission by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

If you still don’t understand the definition above, don’t worry! We will break it down bit by bit in layman’s terms, just keep reading.

If you get admission into a higher Institution in Nigeria, there is possibility that the Institution admitted you without JAMB’s knowledge or approval, as required by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And this could happen in two ways:

1. You were admitted through part-time, pre-Science, diploma, direct entry and other remedial means.

2. You wrote UTME, and got an admission from your Institution, but your Institution did not notify JAMB of such admission.

Which ever way it might be, you need to do JAMB Regularization. And now, you know what JAMB Regularization means, you should do it as soon as you find out that you need it.

The bottom line is, if you need regularization but failed to do it, your application to NYSC will be declined. Below is how to find out if you need JAMB Regularization.

How to check if you need JAMB Regularization

1. Go to the JAMB official website at www.jamb.org.ng/ .

2. Scroll down to ”Admission Status

3. Select the year you wrote UTME

4. Enter your JAMB Reg. No

5. Click “Enter”.

Once you click ‘enter’, if you see your admission details, then you don’t need to be regularized through JAMB. But
if the message says something like, “Sorry no admission is given yet…”, that means you need to regularize.

Note: If you don’t have JAMB registration number to follow the steps above on how to check whether or not you need regularization, then you need JAMB Regularization.

How to do JAMB Regularization for NYSC mobilization

The moment you find out that you need JAMB regularization, follow the steps below to do it;

1. Go to JAMB’s website at www.jamb.org.ng

2. Scroll down to select ”Late Application

3. This will take you to an Instruction page, after reading it, scroll down to click ”Click here to begin

4. Create JAMB profile or Login to your existing JAMB profile account.

Note: Transaction ID for this service will be generated and displayed on confirmation page.

5. Note the Transaction ID displayed in bold red font. A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

6. Click “Continue”, if you wish to pay with your ATM card. But if you wish to use other payment options (e.g. Cash at the Bank or Quick teller), the transaction ID will be required.

7. On the Inter switch Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button. Once done, The status of your payment will be displayed on the “My Payment Section” An SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after successful payment.

8. Click “Continue” button. You will be asked to provide ‘Year of Exam’ and ‘JAMB Registration Number’. After you have entered JAMB Reg No and Year of exam correctly, the Regularization application form will be displayed.

9. Fill the application form correctly.

0. Click “Submit” button to submit your application. After submission, an ‘Indemnity Form’ will be displayed for

1. Print the ‘Indemnity form, fill and take it to your Institution for approval.

2. Your Institution will submit the form to JAMB office.

3. When JAMB receive the approved form, they will upload it to your profile. You will receive a notification when it is done.

4. JAMB process your application. If Approved, your details will be changed as requested.

Alternative way to Regularize through JAMB

If the above steps is difficult for you to follow, just go to the nearest JAMB office. They will do it for you.


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