How To Block, See or Report Sensitive Content on Twitter

How To Block, See or Report Sensitive Content on Twitter – Twitter has a sensitive media policy that allows it to ban messages with “potentially sensitive content.” Depending on how you use Twitter, you may wish to display all content or block specific sorts of items in your feed. In this video, we’ll go over everything you need to know about sensitive content on Twitter, including how to mute Twitter’s warnings when viewing sensitive content and block potentially sensitive content to keep it out of your search results.

What Does Twitter Sensitive Content Mean?

There are some sorts of content that you cannot post on the Twitter app in accordance with Twitter’s sensitive media policy. Media files that “share violent or adult nudity and sexual behavior,” “depict excessively gory content, sexual violence and/or assault, bestiality or necrophilia,” and others fall under this category. You can post nearly anything else on Twitter save that and information that is unlawful, although it might be classified as “potentially sensitive content.” Alternatively put, information that some people might not want to view. Tweets with this label are automatically

blocked for anyone under 18. In general, compared to Instagram or Facebook, Twitter is a more open and liberal social media network in terms of the kinds of content you can share. As long as you identify this material as sensitive, you are allowed to publish items like graphic content and adult content on Twitter. Your media may still be marked as sensitive even if you don’t mark it that way if Twitter thinks it’s essential.

Twitter automatically adds the following
disclaimer to the media it posts: “This media may contain sensitive material” or “This media includes potentially sensitive content.” However, if you wish to view such content or if you don’t want the warning sign to be displayed over your own tweets, you can turn off the sensitive content warning (even on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad).

How to Access Sensitive Twitter Content

You can change your profile’s sensitive content settings to show you all content found on Twitter without any limitations if you’re over 18 (and have your birth date in your profile) and want the unblocked experience. If you already have a Twitter account, use our step-by-step instructions to figure out how to
unblock delicate material and forcefully display media files.Users of Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac can follow the same directions.

  • Use your device to launch Twitter and log in.
  • On a mobile device, click your profile photo. On a desktop, click More.
  • Choose Settings and Support > Settings and privacy from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Content you view under Privacy and safety, followed by Your Twitter activity.
  • Display material that may contain sensitive content? tick should be checked.
  • Now, your Twitter feed will show content that has been flagged as
    sensitive (either by a user or by Twitter).

It may be a good idea to conceal what you’re watching if you intend to view sensitive stuff on Twitter. Using a secure browser with increased privacy capabilities that will block or remove cookies to halt web tracking is one method to go about it.

How to Make Searches Display Sensitive Content

Sensitive content-containing tweets are by default concealed from searches. You must explicitly activate them via the sensitive media settings if you want them to show up in your Twitter searches.

Unfortunately, the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad does not offer this option. However, it is available on the Twitter website and in the Android app. The actions listed below will enable Twitter searches to display Tweets with sensitive content.

  • Launch the Twitter app for mobile devices or web browser.
  • Choose More (desktop) or your profile icon (mobile).
  • To find the search settings, go to Settings and Support > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Content you see.
  • The option to “Hide Sensitive Content” should be unchecked.

If you are unable to disable this feature, Twitter has enabled it for your account permanently. It occurs when Twitter discovers that you frequently upload sensitive media without marking it as such.

You should be allowed to decide whether or not Tweets with sensitive information show up in your Twitter searches, so long as you don’t misuse this option.

How to Stop Twitter’s Sensitive Content

You don’t need to take any action for Twitter to automatically block sensitive content and tweets that contain it.

Don’t worry if you previously modified your privacy and safety settings to access the media on Twitter that contains sensitive content; they are simple to undo.

For the changes to take effect again, you must return to those Twitter settings and double-check that the Display media that may include sensitive content option is turned off and the Hide Sensitive Content option is turned on.

How to report Sensitive Media

Twitter invites you to report any content you find in Tweets that you feel needs to be flagged as sensitive by following a specific procedure.

The actions listed below can be used to report a Tweet that contains sensitive media.

  • Open the Twitter app for iOS or Android or navigate to
  • Go to the Tweet you wish to report by navigating.
  • Select the icon with three horizontal dots in the Tweet’s upper right corner.
  • Choose “Report Tweet” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Start report.
  • Select Shown sensitive or unsettling stuff after providing your answers to a few questions under Gathering information.

Following that, Twitter will offer suggestions for additional steps you may do to enhance your Twitter experience.

It’s possible that the selected Tweet doesn’t fulfill the sensitive content criterion if you’re reporting something that you disagree with, but Twitter hasn’t added a warning label to it. It won’t be marked as sensitive in such instance and will still be visible on the website.

However, reporting it will bring it to the Twitter team’s notice if you think the information you see is upsetting. If they discover any infractions, they’ll either put a label on it or permanently delete it from Twitter.

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