How To Become A Professor In Nigeria

Becoming a professor in Nigeria is a remarkable achievement, signifying the pinnacle of academic excellence. In this blog post, we’ll explore the requirements, steps, and valuable tips for aspiring professors in Nigerian universities in 2023.

Requirements to Become a Professor in Nigeria:

  1. A PhD in the relevant field: The journey to professorship begins with earning a PhD, showcasing expertise in the chosen field. Whether obtained locally or internationally, a PhD is the foundation of your academic career.
  2. 10 years of teaching experience: Accumulating a decade of teaching experience at a tertiary institution solidifies your foundation as an educator.
  3. Research and publication: A robust track record of research and publications in peer-reviewed journals demonstrates your commitment to advancing knowledge in your field.
  4. Scholarly leadership and administrative experience: Showcasing scholarly leadership through book chapters, conference presentations, and administrative experience strengthens your candidacy for a professorship.

Steps to Becoming a Professor in Nigeria:

  1. Earn a PhD: Embark on your academic journey by earning a PhD in your chosen field.
  2. Gain teaching experience: Accumulate teaching experience as a lecturer or senior lecturer to enhance your competitiveness in the job market.
  3. Conduct research and publish: Active research and publication in peer-reviewed journals showcase your dedication to advancing knowledge in your field.
  4. Demonstrate scholarly leadership: Publish books, contribute to book chapters, present at conferences, and engage in editorial roles to demonstrate scholarly leadership.
  5. Gain administrative experience: Pursue administrative roles within the university to highlight your leadership skills and project management capabilities.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances:

  1. Network with academics: Attend conferences, connect with academics online, and build a network to discover job opportunities.
  2. Publish in high-impact journals: Enhance your visibility by publishing in prestigious, high-impact journals.
  3. Get involved in professional organizations: Joining organizations like the Nigerian Academy of Science or the Nigerian Universities Commission showcases your commitment to your field.
  4. Win research grants: Securing research grants demonstrates your ability to manage complex projects and secure funding for your research.
  5. Supervise students to completion: Mentoring and guiding students to success exemplify your skills as a professor.


Becoming a professor in Nigeria is a journey that requires dedication, continuous learning, and active participation in the academic community. By following these steps and tips, aspiring professors can pave their way to success in the dynamic landscape of Nigerian academia in 2023.

Originally posted 2023-11-09 11:28:14.

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