Godfrey Okoye University Computer Science School Fees (2023/2024)

Are you considering a future in computer science? Look no further than Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu, Nigeria. Established in 2001, this private university has been making waves in the field of computer science. In this blog post, we will explore the programs, fees, and benefits of pursuing a computer science education at this institution.

Quality Education with Accreditation

Godfrey Okoye University is recognized and accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria and the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN). This accreditation ensures that students receive a quality education that meets national standards. Graduates of the computer science program at Godfrey Okoye University are eligible to be registered as professional computer scientists in Nigeria.

Program Details

The school fees for computer science students at Godfrey Okoye University for the 2023/2024 academic session are as follows:

  • Tuition Fee: ₦850,000
  • Registration Fee: ₦25,000
  • Examination Fee: ₦15,000
  • Laboratory Fee: ₦50,000
  • Library Fee: ₦25,000
  • Sports Development Fee: ₦10,000
  • Faculty Levy Fee: ₦5,000
  • Departmental Levy Fee: ₦10,000
  • Matric Fee: ₦10,000
  • Identity Card Fee: ₦5,000
  • Result Verification Fee: ₦3,000
  • Total: ₦1,003,000

Please note that these fees are subject to change. You can pay your fees online by visiting the university’s website, creating an account, and following the provided instructions. Alternatively, you can pay through the bank by generating a Remita payment invoice from the university’s website and completing the transaction at any bank in Nigeria.

Scholarship Opportunities

Godfrey Okoye University offers a range of scholarships for computer science students based on merit, financial need, and other criteria. These scholarships can significantly ease the financial burden of pursuing a higher education, making it accessible to more students. To learn more about available scholarships, please visit the Godfrey Okoye University website.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The university boasts state-of-the-art facilities for computer science students. These include well-equipped computer labs, software development tools, and cutting-edge networking equipment. Having access to such resources ensures that students are well-prepared for the demands of the ever-evolving field of computer science.

Supportive Learning Environment

Godfrey Okoye University is committed to providing a supportive and nurturing learning environment for its computer science students. This includes experienced faculty members who are dedicated to helping students succeed in their academic journey. The university’s focus on individualized attention fosters a culture of learning and growth.

Alumni Network

One of the notable strengths of Godfrey Okoye University is its strong network of alumni. Graduates of the university’s computer science program have gone on to work in various computer science fields worldwide. This alumni network can provide valuable support and guidance to current students as they embark on their own career paths.

Investing in Your Future

Studying computer science at Godfrey Okoye University is not just an education; it’s an investment in your future. Computer science is one of the most in-demand fields globally, with opportunities in technology, finance, healthcare, education, and more. By enrolling in this program, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in your chosen career.

In conclusion

Godfrey Okoye University offers a comprehensive computer science program with accreditation, top-notch facilities, scholarships, and a supportive community. Pursuing a computer science degree here can be your ticket to a successful and rewarding career in this dynamic and high-demand field.

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