Sean Lifer Lost In Space EP Zip download

Sean Lifer Lost In Space EP Zip download

Ghanaian rapper, Sean Lifer with a distinctive approach to making music. His sound is very diverse and breaks all creative boundaries and his songs explore different genres and ideas.

Sean Lifer is best known for his smash hit song; “Ma Drip”. He’s a member of the Asakaa Boys, a music collective made up of O’Kenneth, Kwaku DMC, Kawabanga, Cedi City Boy, Jay Bahd, Reggie, Rabby Jones and Braa Benk.

‘Lost In Space’ is a dope project you will want to add to your playlist and play endlessly.

1. Sean Lifer – Lost In Space
2. Sean Lifer – Thoughts
3. Sean Lifer – Goals
4. Sean Lifer – Low Key
5. Sean Lifer – Youtube & Vibes


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