Follow these celebrities on Instagram if you need to escape depression

Follow these celebrities on Instagram if you need to escape depression – Laughter is the best medicine and these celebrities are serving up some seriously hilarious content that is sure to brighten up your day. In recent years, social media has become a powerful platform for Nigerian celebrities to showcase their lifestyles and share comedic content that their fans love. With viral videos and trending memes, many of these celebrities have built up massive followers on social media.

Humour has become an effective way for
artists to connect with their fans, with many stars jumping on the bandwagon of hilarious TikTok trends, appearing in comedy skits, and showcasing their funny side on social media.

Their relatable, amusing, and entertaining content has earned them the title of the funniest Nigerian celebrities on social media. Without further ado, here are four of the funniest Nigerian celebrities who have won us over with their hilarious content and witte banter:


1) Kiekie

Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, known by her stage name Kiekie, is a comedic force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s entertainment scene. With her sharp and unique Yoruba intonation, she has
built a reputation as one of the country’s funniest TV personalities, content creators, and fashion icons.

Kiekie’s comedic talent has earned her a massive following on YouTube, where she posts hilarious skits, parodies, and other comedic content. With over 300,000 subscribers to her channel, Kiekie has a knack for making her viewers laugh out loud with her sharp wit and relatable humour.

Her comedic style is a reflection of her personality: bold, outspoken, and
unapologetically herself. She knows how to capture her audience’s attention with her natural charisma and keep them entertained.

Beyond her comedic talents, Kiekie is also a fashion icon, regularly showcasing her unique style on social media and at events. But it’s her comedic side that truly sets her apart and has earned her a loyal fanbase.


2) Speed Darlington

Speedy, also known as “Speed Darlington”, is a musician and rapper who seems to be more interested in comedy than his actual music. Fans know him more for his comedic side, which has made him quite popular on social
media. His comedic content can be found all over the internet, and it’s hard to miss him.

Despite the popularity of his comedy, Speedy has faced criticism from fans who believe he should quit music and focus solely on comedy.

However, Speedy is not one to back down
easily. He has slammed his critics, stating that he knows what he wants to sell and people should buy it rather than advise him on what he should be selling.

Speedy is never afraid to speak his mind, and he often addresses controversial topics in his content. He has also been known to criticise other celebrities who don’t conform to his views on life.

Speedy may have found his calling in comedy, but he remains a rapper at heart. While some may criticise him for not focusing on his music, he remains unapologetic.


3) Falz

Falz is a multi-talented Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and actor, renowned for his naturally humorous personality on social media. The artist, also known as Falz the Bahd Guy, effortlessly entertains his fans and followers with comedy skits on Instagram, and his music lyrics are equally humorous. He also plays comic roles in movies with a jovial and playful demeanour, often incorporating a funny Yoruba accent that leaves fans in stitches.

When asked in an interview with Saturday Beats about how he developed his funny accent, Falz revealed that it started in secondary school, where he made fun of people and his siblings.

However, as he dove into music during his university days, he decided to incorporate the brand into his music. After university, he ventured into doing short and hilarious videos, which ultimately paid off.

Falz’s social media is filled with engaging Instagram skits, banter, and funny TikTok videos, making him one of the funniest celebrities to follow online.


4) Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is a well-known Nigerian record producer and the head of Mavin Records. He has been in the music industry for years, producing hit songs for some of Nigeria’s biggest artists.
However, in recent times, he has leveraged his humorous personality and social media presence to become one of the funniest Nigerian celebrities online.

The Mavin Records CEO is usually seen posting funny TikTok videos of himself and has also been featured in comedic skits by famous comedians like Taaooma, Mr Macaroni, and Craze Clown, making him the most diversified and loved celebrity on the platform.

Despite criticism from some fans, who feel he should focus more on music-making instead of comedy, Don Jazzy has successfully diversified his personality and become a popular figure in the Nigerian skit industry.

His relatable, amusing, and entertaining content has earned him a reputation as one of the funniest Nigerian celebrities online.


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