Federal universities that offers public health in Nigeria

Study in federal universities that offers public health in nigeria. If so, you’re in luck because Nigeria is home to a number of top-notch federal universities with programs in public health.

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, need skilled public health experts to assist in addressing challenges like the prevention of infectious diseases, maternity and child health, health education, and healthcare access.

Top Federal Universities for Public Health Programs

Nigeria is home to some of the best universities in West Africa for public health degrees. These are the top federal universities with public health programs:

1. University of Ibadan

University of ibadan is the best university and a top pick for public health. It provides public health undergraduate and graduate degrees, such as a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Public Health. Epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and health education are the main topics of the program. University of Ibadan features a distinguished faculty and plenty of possibilities for real-world experience, all back by its long history of distinction.

2. University of Lagos

The largest city in Nigeria is home to the esteemed University of Lagos, also referred to as Unilag. Both undergraduate and graduate public health programs of the highest caliber are offered. With courses on themes like disease control, reproductive health, occupational health, and health systems management, Unilag has a state-of-the-art campus and teaching hospital.

3. University of Nigeria

The University of Nigeria nsukka provides extensive undergraduate and graduate programs in public health. Epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and health education are among the studied areas. Through community outreach initiatives, the institution offers students the chance to obtain real-world experience in the field of community health. Graduates work in a variety of public health disciplines, conducting research, and educating the public about health issues.

Any of these premier federal universities will provide you with a top-notch education that will equip you to handle the most important health concerns facing Nigeria.

Public Health Degree Options at Nigerian Federal Universities

These include:

1. BSc Public Health

A four-year undergraduate program centered on the study of public health is the Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy, and health promotion are examples of core courses. In order to prepare for professions in health departments, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations, students acquire a wide understanding of public health principles and procedures.

2. BSc Community Health

With a focus on reproductive health, public health nutrition, community health education, and healthcare management, the Bachelor of Science in Community Health program prepares students for careers as public health specialists in healthcare facilities, program officers in non-governmental organizations, and community health educators.

3. MPH Master of Public Health

A two-year graduate program offering enhanced knowledge and abilities in public health areas is the Master of Public Health and Epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health,      health education are among the specializations available to students. Courses on public health ethics, health economics, program planning, and research methodologies are also part of the MPH curriculum. Program managers, researchers, and policy analysts are among the leadership positions in public health for which MPH graduates are qualified.

4. MSc Public Health

A graduate degree with an emphasis on research is the Master of Science in Public Health. Students finish a thesis that applies research methods to a particular public health issue in addition to their standard public health coursework.

Besides a career in academics or public health research might be strongly anchored by the MSc in Public Health and can go on to get a PhD in public health, work as research analysts, or teach public health.


Here is a summary of the main federal universities in Nigeria that provide public health degree programs. For Nigerian students hoping to pursue a career in community health and wellbeing, there are excellent opportunities all around the country, ranging from the esteeme university of Ibadan to more recent establishments. Meanwhile many programs have difficult admissions, especially for public universities.

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