Federal universities that are not under ASUU

Wanting to know federal universities that are not under ASUU? You are at the right place. It might be rather beneficial for students attempting to complete their degrees without frequent setbacks to discover which universities have managed to escape ASUU’s clutches.

We’ll go over a thorough list of federal universities that have been able to function independently of ASUU in this article. You will receive information on each of these institutions.

Next we’ll go over other things, including locations and to help you choose the best ASUU-free federal university.

Meaning of “ASUU”

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, or ASUU, is a labor union for academic employees in universities in Nigeria. Its founding objectives in 1978 were to advance academic achievement, protect the welfare and rights of its members, and also aid in the advancement of Nigeria’s educational system.

List of Federal Universities Not Under ASUU

There are only six (6) federal universities not under ASUU which are:

1. Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA):

The Nigerian Defence Academy, which has its headquarters in Kaduna, Nigeria, prepares officer cadets for enlistment in the Army, Navy, or Air Force, the three branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Five years is the length of training at the NDA (one year is military and four years is academic).

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2. Nigerian Police Academy (NPA):

Nigerian Police Academy train police personnel in Nigeria, this school is own by the federal government. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in law enforcement and apply subjects are available at this Wudil, Kano State, Nigeria location.

3. Nigerian Maritime University (NMU)

Nigeria Maritime University provide top-notch research, education, training, consulting, and extension services to the petroleum and related industries.

It provides courses and programs that lead to degrees in higher education that are officially recognized, including bachelor’s degrees in a variety of subjects.

4. Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE):

This federal university has the goal of producing exceptional high-level personnel and pertinent expertise for the global and Nigerian oil and gas industries. It provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs in petroleum engineering and other associate subjects. It is in Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria.

5. Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB):

This public university in Nigeria was found in 2018 with the goal of supplying research and technical innovation to help the country’s defense system involve into a force driven by technology for the twenty-first century.

It provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs in military science and technology and it location in Biu, Borno State, Nigeria.

6. Nigeria French Language Village, Badagry (NFLV):

This inter university center for French studies offers language immersion and Adaptative programs to students studying French in all of Nigeria’s postsecondary institutions. It is in, Lagos State, Nigeria, and provides private persons who has interest in learning French with certification programs and language instruction services.

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FAQs About Federal Universities and “ASUU”

Besides, Nigerian federal universities that do not belong to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) are the subject of inquiries from the public. These are a few of the typical FAQs:

Why Do Federal Universities Go On Strike?

ASUU frequently goes on strike to pressure the government to provide improved working conditions and university autonomy.

What are the benefits of not joining ASUU?

The strikes and closures of ASUU do not impact federal universities that are not members of the organization.

This indicates that their academic schedules are less variable and more stable. Morever these schools’ students also graduate on schedule and without any delays due to strikes.

Are federal universities required to join ASUU?

No, Academic personnel at federal universities have the option to join or not join ASUU, besides it is a separate organization. Certain federal universities would rather function as separate entities and stay out of the union.


Friends, there you have it. an exhaustive inventory of government universities outside of ASUU. Again, these federal institutions distinguish out because of their more predictable academic calendars, even though most federal institutions are members of ASUU and frequently go through strikes.

Lastly, this list offers you other options to consider if you’re thinking about attending a federal university in Nigeria, In addition to the well-known institutions like UNILAG and OAU that gain media attention for their strikes.

Finally look for ideal university for you by doing your research; each one offers advantages of its own.

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