Federal Polytechnic Mubi ND School Fees 2023/2024

Are you considering pursuing a National Diploma (ND) program in Nigeria? Look no further than Federal Polytechnic Mubi (FPM) in Adamawa State. Established in 1979, FPM offers a wide range of ND and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs, making it an excellent choice for those seeking affordable and quality education. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the essential information about FPM, including school fees, additional fees, and the benefits of studying at this institution.

Affordable School Fees

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a polytechnic is the cost of education. At FPM, you’ll find reasonable ND school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session. The fees are structured as follows:

  • ND – Adamawa State Indigenes: N32,000 per semester
  • ND – Non-Adamawa State Indigenes: N42,000 per semester

Additional Fees

In addition to the base school fees, there are several other fees that ND students at FPM are required to pay. These additional fees are as follows:

  • Acceptance fee: N5,000
  • Medical fee: N5,000
  • Student union fee: N1,000
  • Sports fee: N1,000
  • Examination fee: N5,000
  • Library fee: N1,000
  • Development fee: N5,000

Total School Fees

To calculate the total school fees for ND students at Federal Polytechnic Mubi, you can add the base school fees to the aforementioned additional fees. For the 2023/2024 academic session, the total school fees are as follows:

  • ND – Adamawa State Indigenes: N48,000
  • ND – Non-Adamawa State Indigenes: N58,000

Payment Methods

FPM offers flexibility in terms of fee payment. Students can conveniently pay their school fees online or at any designated bank branch, making the payment process hassle-free and accessible.

Benefits of Studying at Federal Polytechnic Mubi

Choosing FPM for your higher education comes with several advantages:

  1. Affordable School Fees: FPM offers some of the most affordable school fees in Nigeria, making quality education accessible to many.
  2. High-Quality Education: The institution is committed to providing a high standard of education, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their future careers.
  3. Experienced and Qualified Lecturers: FPM boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified lecturers who are dedicated to helping students succeed.
  4. Modern Facilities and Equipment: The campus is equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate effective learning and practical training.
  5. A Variety of Programs: FPM offers a wide range of programs, allowing students to choose the one that best aligns with their career aspirations and interests.
  6. Scholarships and Financial Aid: The institution provides opportunities for scholarships and financial aid, helping students overcome financial barriers to education.

In conclusion

Federal Polytechnic Mubi is a promising destination for those seeking affordable and quality education in Nigeria. With its low school fees, experienced faculty, modern facilities, and various program options, it’s no wonder that FPM is a top choice for many aspiring students. If you’re considering pursuing an ND program in 2023/2024, be sure to explore the opportunities that FPM has to offer.

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