Explainer: Primary Market In Nigeria And All You Should Know

Primary Market In Nigeria And All You Should KnowPrimary market is considered as the arrangement in the financial and investment market. However, in this notion, the concept of market involves a setting where people buy and sell/trade commodity of choice.

Primary Market: What Is It?

Securities are generated in the primary market, which is also where they first make their appearance. From there, securities can travel to a wider market, possibly the secondary market, where investors engage in buying and selling of securities.


Noteworthy points

  • It’s possible to refer to the first time a company sells new stocks or bonds in the primary market as a “Initial Public Offering.”
  • The main market is where securities are created.

A private company issuing stock to the public for the first time constitutes an initial public offering (IPO), which is significant. The company first employs underwriting firms to assess the IPO’s financial health. It is then up to the underwriting firm to specify the stock issue price, following which investors can purchase the IPO at the predetermined price straight from the company issuing the shares.

Due to the chance investors had to first purchase such shares, the funds created compound to the company’s equity capital.

Ways To Generate Funds From The Primary Market

1. The Right Issue

The Right Issue is the appropriate situation is one in which businesses obtain funding from current share holders through a primary market
arrangement. Typically, this occurs after the security has successfully entered the security market. Existing investors are given the opportunity to purchase newly issued shares at a reduced price in exchange for the shares they already own. Both current and potential investors can access the shares under this arrangement.


2. Private placement

This arrangement allows businesses to sell their stock directly to institutional buyers, like banks and hedge funds, without making the shares available to the general public or regular investors.


3. Preferential allotment

Under the preferential allotment, shares are being provided to a select group of investors on a preferential basis. Under this arrangement, hedge funds, mutual funds, and banks are among the investors that are taken into consideration. Usually, they come with a particular pricing that is not offered to the general public.


4. The secondary market

The advanced market, known as the
secondary market, allows you to purchase existing stocks that have already undergone.their initial public offering from other investors, not always the firm that initially made such an offering. If you can afford the unit price, you can purchase existing shares whe never you choose on the secondary market.

The beauty of the secondary market is that you can acquire fewer stocks in accordance with your budget while still being able to buy at your own speed and at any time. The majority of these purchases might need to be made through qualified, authorized brokers who are required to do so by the “Security and
Exchange Commission (SEC).”

What Are Functions Of The Primary Market?

By issuing new shares or debentures, the company can raise long-term capital thanks to the main market. The primary market promotes capital growth by giving people a means of turning their savings into investments.

What Are The Types Of Primary Market?

Initial public offerings (IPOs), private placements, right issues, and preferred allotments are examples of primary market issues.

Example Of Primary Market: The Initial Public Offering (IPO) is an example of primary market.

Benefits Of Primary Market

Companies can raise financing for cheap The secondary market accepts prompt sales of the issued securities.It improves diversification, which lowers risk. In contrast to secondary markets, price manipulation is minimal under this setup.

Similarities Between Primary And Secondary Market

Listing: A reputable stock exchange lists the securities issued in the primary market for trading. The listing gives the securities whose prices are determined liquidity and marketability.

Stock exchanges have control over things: The stock exchange has jurisdiction over new issues and securities listed on the stock market thanks to a listing agreement between the company and the stock exchange.

Characteristics of major issues

  • It has to do with recent problems.
  • It doesn’t have a specific location.
  • There are numerous ways to float capital.
  • public concern
  • Offer to buy private insertion correct issue E-IPOs

What Is Primary Market?

Securities are created on the primary market, which is a market where they first proclaim their presence before moving on to the bigger market.

Distinction Between Primary Market And Secondary Market

The primary market is where securities are created, while the secondary market is where they are traded. The stock market, often known as the Nigerian Stock Exchange, is the secondary market.

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